15 Incredible Vegan Soul Food Recipes To Try Right Now

15 Incredible Vegan Soul Food Recipes To Try Right Now

If you are looking for food that is nutritious, delicious and comforting then you should definitely try some soul food recipes.

Soul food tends to include a lot of Southern recipes with warm spices, rich flavors, vegetables, starch and intense flavors.

Many recipes for traditional soul foods include a lot of meaty ingredients, or dairy products like cheese and cream.

However, you can still enjoy soul food if you are on a vegan diet. 

We have put together this list of 15 incredible recipes for vegan soul food. Keep reading to find inspiration for your next vegan meal. 

1. Nashville Hot Cauliflower ‘Chicken’ 

This recipe takes all the things you love about spicy, Southern chicken and uses them to make this delicious vegan recipe.

It ticks all the boxes – flavor, texture, appearance – and has just the right amount of kick.

You can serve this cauliflower with mash and gravy, with fries and salad, or with pickles and slaw in a slider.

You could also serve it with a tasty rice dish packed with vegetables for a healthy dinner. 

2. Vegan Pot Pie With A Cornbread Crust 

Sticking to a vegan diet doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the comforting, home cooked food that you crave.

These pot pies have a creamy filling with plenty of healthy vegetables. The sauce is flavored with herbs for an earthy and aromatic flavor.

The cornbread crust is fluffy and light with a golden brown crust that is totally irresistible. This recipe is perfect for a cold day when you want to warm up and feel cozy. 

3. Classic Baked Vegan Mac And Cheese 

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and this vegan recipe tastes just as good as the real thing.

It’s creamy, cheesy, and topped with a layer of crispy breadcrumbs.

You might be surprised to find out that not only does this recipe contain no dairy cheese, it also contains no vegan cheese!

Yet it still tastes super cheesy. If you struggle to get hold of good quality vegan cheese in your nearby stores then this recipe is ideal for you. 

4. Black Eyed Peas With Smoky Collards And ‘Cheesy’ Grits 

This dinner only takes around 30 minutes to make and is full of nutrients that will make you feel satisfied and nourished.

This simple, wholesome meal is so flavorsome and looks very appetizing. The vibrant greens are piled up on top of soft, cheesy grits and then the beans are added on top.

The combination of ingredients is inspired by Southern style cooking, with plenty of garlic and smoky flavors.

Vegan cheese is used to create the creamy, cheesy flavor and texture of the grits. You can finish off the dish with a drizzle of bourbon BBQ sauce if you want to. 

5. Vegan Peach Pie 

Peach pie is a classic dessert that is often enjoyed in Summer and Fall. This rustic recipe creates a pie that is fragrant and slightly spiced with cinnamon and cayenne.

It is rich yet light, with a flaky crust and a warm filling. The peaches (Try these Amazing Vegan Peach Cobbler Recipes To Make At Home) are tender but not mushy with a natural sweetness.

The peach skins are left on for extra texture and nutrition. You can serve this pie with a vegan coconut cream. 

6. Vegan Gumbo 

Traditional gumbo contains lots of meat and shellfish which makes it unsuitable for vegans.

This recipe retains the savory flavor of a classic gumbo but with lots of vegetables instead.

The trick to creating this Louisiana favorite is to make a vegan roux as this helps to create a rich flavor.

You then add the three base ingredients – onion, celery and green bell peppers.

This creates the iconic savory flavor which is enhanced with vegetable stock, garlic and plenty of cajun seasoning.

This recipe uses mushrooms and cauliflower, but you can use whatever vegetables you want to. Okra would work really well. Serve this delicious gumbo with rice. 

7. Cajun Style Red Beans And Rice 

This is another Louisiana recipe that uses cajun seasoning, but cajun and soul food are synonymous with each other.

Paprika, thyme, parsley and hot sauce are used to create a deep and intense flavor without needing to use any sausage as you would in a traditional recipe.

The classic combination of onion, celery and green bell pepper creates that savory base flavor, and liquid smoke is used for a complex, smokiness that really makes this dish special. 

8. Vegan Fried Green Tomato Sandwich 

A fried green tomato sandwich might not sound very special, but wait until you try it! Instead of using eggs, the batter is made from eggs, water and turmeric powder.

This adds a wonderful color and flavor to the fried tomato.

The tomatoes are paired with fresh basil and plenty of salt, and these flavors combine so perfectly that you will be blown away as soon as you take a bite.

Green tomatoes (Check out What To Do With Green Tomatoes) are not as sweet as red tomatoes, which makes them ideal for this savory sandwich. 

9. Vegan Jambalaya

This wholesome creole recipe is super comforting and extremely satisfying.

The rice is sticky and has a rich tomato flavor, the beans are soft, and vegan sausages are used to make this dish seem really authentic.

Despite not containing fish or seafood, the beans ensure that this dish is still very high in protein.

This makes it nice and filling. You can top it with vegan cheese if you want to. 

10. Blackberry And Blueberry Cobbler 

 Fruit cobbler is a classic Southern dessert that is perfect for potluck dinners and family gatherings.

This recipe tastes like a sweet treat but is actually very healthy, which means that the whole family can enjoy it with no guilt.

You can eat it for dessert or even enjoy it for breakfast. The topping is crispy yet gooey, and the fruit is tart and warm.

You can serve this dessert with vegan ice cream or coconut cream. 

11. Vegan Mini Pecan Pies 

These mini pecan pies are ideal for parties and buffets as they are small enough to eat with your fingers.

You could make them for your next BBQ, birthday, or even give them as a gift.

A miniature dessert is perfect for enjoying after a heavy holiday dinner when you don’t have much room left but you want to indulge in something sweet.

The pastry (Also check out Are Pop Tarts Vegan?) is vegan, and the caramel sauce is made with a roux base instead of an egg base. 

12. Vegan Mashed Potatoes 

If you can master the perfect, vegan mashed potatoes that are soft and creamy then you can use this as the foundation for lots of different soul foods.

You can enjoy mashed potatoes with beans, casserole, vegetables, and many more different types of comfort food.

It’s ideal for any dishes that have plenty of sauce, as the potatoes will soak up the tasty liquid and ensure that none of it goes to waste.

Make sure you choose a variety of potato that is ideal for mashing – this recipe uses Yukon Gold potatoes. 

13. Sweet Potato Biscuits

It;s really easy to make these vegan friendly biscuits made with sweet potatoes.

You can enjoy them with gravy as a savory meal, or eat them with syrup as a sweet treat. They are fluffy and moist with a crisp outer layer – the perfect consistency for a biscuit.

You can use vegan butter or coconut oil to make these biscuits, and white or wholemeal flour. You can even use gluten free flour.

These sweet potato biscuits are ready in less than half hour and can be served with lots of different types of food. 

14. Vegan Baked Beans

A lot of recipes for baked beans use sausage to achieve a rich flavor, but you don’t need meat to make these beans special.

They are made with perfectly caramelized onions, molasses, and bourbon for a deep and complex flavor that is very comforting.

You can use these beans as a side dish with smoky vegetables and mashed potatoes, you can serve them over rice, or you can turn them into a casserole. 

15. Ultimate Vegan Chili 

A nice big bowl of steaming chili is the ultimate soul food that brings comfort and nourishment.

It might be hard to picture a tasty chili without any ground meat, but this recipe gets it just right. It’s warm and spicy with a deep savory flavor and a variety of textures.

It is perfect when served with vegan cornbread. You can also top it with vegan sour cream and vegan cheese if you want to.

A garnish of chopped chives or green onions would work really well. 


Whether you are looking for a comforting dessert, a hearty one pot dish or a tasty side, this list has got you covered.

There is something for everyone, and plenty of tasty recipes that are suitable for a vegan diet.

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