15 Delicious Vegan Avocado Recipes You Will Love

As a vegan, certain items of food are often found quite frequently in various different recipes and dishes. In this Series you can see vegan recipes with avocado.

15 Delicious Vegan Avocado Recipes You Will Love

However when it comes to avocado, it seems that many people don’t realize just how versatile it can be, which is why in this recipe list, we’ve decided to focus on 15 different delicious avocado recipes that we think you’ll love. 

However, in the interest in demonstrating just how versatile avocado can be, there will be absolutely no avocado toast recipes on this list!

So let’s see just what you can do with a simple avocado, shall we?

1. Avocado And Spinach Artichoke Dip

This dip is an amazing dish if you’re looking for something new to serve alongside chips and breadsticks.

Made using just 8 simple ingredients, this dip is just the first sign of how amazingly versatile avocado is able to be. 

Additionally, this dip is also super healthy too, so if you’re looking for something that is going to give you all the flavor without any guilt then this is certainly the dip to make!

2. Avocado Mayo With Masala Chips

Another dip/sauce recipe that utilizes avocado to its full potential, this avocado mayo is completely vegan, which means that unlike other mayo, you don’t have to worry about the inclusion of any eggs. 

This mayo (Find out Does Mayo Have Dairy?) can be served alongside any sort of vegan chips you want, but we personally recommend making the masala chips, which will balance out well with the cool nature of the avocado mayo.

So why not give this a try for your next party?

3. Miso Cured Avocado

It might sound absurd at first, but we personally think that you’re missing out if you’ve never tried curing your avocado.

This recipes makes use of a popular Japanese technique that is called Saikyouzuke, and although this technique is usually one that is applied to seafood, it still works well on avocado!

As a result, the avocado harnesses the savoriness from the miso, as well as its depth of flavor, which gives it an almost cheesy flavor, all whilst still looking like your regular avocado!

4. Sinaloa Style Enchiladas

Alongside avocado toast, guacamole is quite easily the most popular avocado based dish in the world.

But guacamole isn’t known just for being good on its own, it’s known for helping to elevate all sorts of different meals. 

This includes these amazing Sinaloa style enchiladas, which features a delicious homemade guacamole alongside its tofu queso fresco and soy-based chorizo to really bring the heat to this vegan take on a famous regional dish.

5. Green Avocado Gazpacho

When you think of soup, you probably associate it with a dark, cold, winter’s day, with the soup helping to warm you up after a long day out.

However, this soup is chilled, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for a hot summer’s day!

Loaded with all sorts of super healthy green vegetables and healthy fats, this vegan avocado recipe is as simple as combining all of the ingredients together in a blender before serving. 

6. Pistachio And Grapefruit Crusted Avocado Salad

Heralded as one of the best summer salads. It includes avocado, this salad is certainly something different from your standard summer salad. It has all the makings of being an instant success with all of your guests at the next summer cookout!

The flavors in this salad are immense, it’s juicy, tangy, creamy, and the use of pistachios in order to crust the avocados is an eye-catching trick that also helps by bringing its salty nutty flavor into the salad too. 

7. Vegan Creamy Avocado Dressing

Everyone knows the best avocados are the creamiest ones. This is exactly why this avocado dressing makes use of this creaminess in order to create this super healthy and creamy avocado dressing. It doesn’t need absolutely for any dairy products to be used thanks to the creamy nature of the avocado!

You can then feel free to use this dressing however you’d like! We’d personally recommend using it to top some great leafy summer salads alongside some friend tofu, but ultimately that choice is up to you! 

8. Avocado Pesto Pasta

Pesto pasta is everyone’s favorite last minute dish, with jars of pesto so often used in order to try and prepare a hearty last minute meal.

Well, with this pesto, you’ll soon be having pesto much more often then you already do!

This super healthy pasta dish is great all year round, and is also a great form of guilt-free comfort food too.

All you need is access to a small processor, so that you can blend together the cashews, and kale in order to make the yummy pesto needed!

9. Beer-Battered Avocado Wedges

Speaking of amazing comfort food, nothing quite beats something that is beer battered. It also has oil fried. That is why these beer-battered avocado wedges are sure to go down an absolute treat at your next dinner party, or on gameday! 

The contrast between the creamy avocado filling, and the crunchy, flavorsome batter is sure to excite any fried food lover.

So whilst it might not be as healthy as some of the other options on here, it’s still vegan, and it’s still delicious! 

10. Tofu Steaks With Avocado Chimichurri

Chimichurri is an insanely popular addition to a lot of different dishes. It has its origins in both Uruguay and Argentina.

What makes it so popular, is its various herbs and spices that helped to form its distinct green coloring.

In addition to all of these spices, it also makes use of olive oil, chilli flakes, garlic, and vinegar. 

In this vegan recipes, avocado is added to the chimichurri in order to make it creamier. It makes it an amazing accompaniment to any sort of meat alternative dish.

In this case, these tofu stakes are full of umami flavor, which is complimented well by the avocado chimichurri (Also check out How To Make Crispy Tofu)!

11. Vegan ‘Fish’ Tacos With Avocado Slaw

Served alongside some hearts of palm ‘fish’ tacos, this recipe for avocado slaw provides a new way of incorporating avocados into your Mexican styled dishes.

Usually you would see tacos adorned with sliced avocado, or maybe a burrito filled with some guacamole, however this recipe provides a whole new dimension to avocado’s uses!

If you’re not overly a fan of the faux fish flavor, then switch it up for some cauliflower taco filling instead!

12. Avocado And Peanut Sushi With Maple Peanut Sauce

Avocado might be well known for its presence in many Mexican dishes and as an ingredient for sauces and dips, but one of its best uses is in vegan sushi recipes!

This dish combines the creamy avocado with the savory peanut for a delicious combination. It sits perfectly inside of a sushi roll. 

This recipe is super simple to make at home, and is great for parties too!

Plus, the additional maple peanut sauce really helps to elevate the flavor of the sushi. You should make sure you make that too to be served alongside it!

13. Avocado Recipes with Mint Chip Ice Cream For Vegan

We know what you’re thinking: “Avocado, in ice cream? Ew!”, but trust on this one, it really does work! 

This ice cream is super healthy. Perhaps isn’t suited for someone who is looking for comfort from their ice cream.

It includes loads of delicious ingredients such as cashews, coconut milk, mint, frozen spinach, and of course, Avocado! 

Whilst it might seem a bit far fetched at first, this recipe is still worth giving a go, you might just find your new favorite dessert! 

14. Vegan Choc Avocado Frosting

This frosting is an extremely decadent dessert topping, and is sure to blow people’s minds when they taste it on their desserts!

You add it onto a cake, brownies, sandwiched between vegan cookies (Find out Are Oreos Vegan?). Use it to frost smaller cupcakes, or even just on its own!

This frosting is healthy, delicious, and so moreish! 

15. Pistachio, Lemon, And Avocado Cake Recipes for Vegan

This cake is super easy to make, contains simple ingredients. The result is a hearty and wholesome cake that is sure to be enjoyed by all of the family.

The nutty pistachios, zesty lemon and the wonderful color from the avocados all make this cake look much more fancy than you would initially realize!

If you’re trying to serve up something extra special, you can serve this cake with either the avocado ice cream. You can frost it with the vegan choc avocado frosting too!

Which will result in a truly decadent dessert. 


As you can see, avocados are truly a versatile fruit that can be used across. It contains a wide range of dishes and recipes to truly create something special.

So, if you’re a fan of avocados, and are perhaps just a little bit bored of always having avocado on toast. And then try these vegan recipes out!

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