How To Cut An Avocado

Cutting avocados can be an easy and messy task that requires a good grip and knowledge on how to do it correctly to get the most out of it. Is there a way to cut an avocado correctly?

An avocado had a big pit in the center of the fruit which not everyone will know about.

How To Cut An Avocado?

Therefore, many people will try and cut straight through the middle, but this will not work. 

This guide will be showing you step by step how to safely and correctly cut your avocado, so you are able to get the most out of it. This method will also create a lot less mess! 

Step 1 – Cutting The Avocado 

You are going to need a big sharp knife for cutting the avocado to be able to get through its skin.

For the first step of cutting the fruit. You need to be cutting it vertically in half, being aware that the pit is in the middle. 

Once there has been a clear cut vertically, you should be able to twist your avocado from side to side until it splits in half.

One side should have the empty space where half the pit was and the pit should be on the other side. 

Tip – If you are only looking to use half of the avocado, you use the one without the pit because avocado with the pit still in lasts for longer. 

Step 2 – Taking The Pit Out If You Are Using Both 

There is a very simple and easy way to take the pit out where you need to hack it with your knife so it is firmly inside of the pit.

Then you are able to twist it until it will finally slide out with more and more movement. 

That process will work most of the time but if you’re finding it too difficult, you can always use a spoon to scoop it out.

The only issue with this is that you might end up scooping more than just the pit. 

With the pit you can decide whether you would like to either plant an avocado tree yourself or just throw it away. 

Step 3 – Slicing The Avocado 

One of the most popular ways to slice the avocado is by dicing it. You want to be cutting the avocado lengthwise then switching it to dicing it at a 90 degrees angle.

If you are looking to have cubes of avocado pieces, this is the best option for cooking them or having them as a side or on a salad 

You can also have slices instead of having cubes where you will slice the avocado lengthways with the skin to make a lovely garnish. 

What Do You Put Avocado In? 

What Do You Put Avocado In? 

There are many different ways you are able to use avocado, in salads, on toast with poached eggs and making sauces. 

Smashed avocado has become very popular where many people love mashing it all up and using it as a lunch or breakfast spread on their toast.

When doing this, it doesn’t matter as much how you get the avocado out but you just need to make sure it is safe. 

When using it in a salad, most people like to dice their avocado and sprinkle them on top for both great taste and presentation.

It also gives a great lightness to a salad and goes well with most ingredients that are also added. 

Avocado in desserts has also become very popular because the taste is something that can be experimented with. It is not an overpowering taste which is why people love it in ice cream mainly. 

Smoothies have also become very popular for people who are trying to include their 5 a day into their everyday diet.

Avocado is a great choice because it makes the smoothie very sweet and delicious which is easy for people to consume. 

Avocado Ripeness 

You need to make sure your avocado is ripe and ready to eat before doing any of these processes below.

This is because it needs to have the right texture which is soft and easy to either smash or slice.

If the avocado is not ripe yet, you won’t even be able to cut through it properly.

However, if the avocado is very soft and easy to squeeze, this means it is over-ripe and you need to throw it away and buy a new one. 

Best way to cut an avocado with a special device

It is not necessary to use a special device to cut an avocado, but there are a few tools that can make the process easier and safer. Some common options for cutting avocados include:
  1. A sharp knife: A sharp, serrated knife can be used to slice the avocado in half lengthwise, and then the pit can be removed and the avocado can be sliced or diced as desired.

  2. An avocado slicer: This tool has a blade that is designed to split the avocado in half and remove the pit in one motion. It also has a built-in slicing tool that can be used to slice the avocado into wedges or dice it.

  3. An avocado masher: This tool has a small, flat blade that is used to slice the avocado in half and remove the pit. It also has a rounded end that can be used to mash the avocado into a smooth or chunky consistency.

It is important to use caution when cutting avocados, as the knife can be slippery and the avocado can be hard to grip. Make sure to use a stable cutting surface and hold the avocado firmly as you slice it.


Overall, when cutting your avocado, you need to make sure that it is ripe and ready to go and that you have the correct knife for cutting.

You also need to consider what type of meal or dessert you are cutting it for because it might need a different style of chopping or slicing. 

This guide should hopefully help you cut your avocados perfectly and you might even get to grow your own avocado tree using the put. 

Avocado toast is one of many people’s favorite snacks (Check out Are Takis Vegan?) right now, but it can get really expensive if you buy regular avocado toast from your local cafe.

This recipe will help you recreate the delicious treat at home without the extra costs. 

It is definitely quick and simple when following the guide and you will be able to maximize how much you get out of it when cutting it correctly.

The squishy texture can sometimes become quite irritating when people start hacking at it. Therefore, the top method will allow you to use every last bit. This is how to cut an avocado! 

Frequently Asked Quetions

How Do You Cut An Avocado Without Breaking It Off?

Cut the avocado in half. Using a sharp chef’s knife, slice through the avocado lengthwise until you feel the knife hit the pit.

Then rotate the avocado, keeping the knife steady, to make a cut all around the pit. Twist the two halves apart. Tip: It’s safest to do this on a cutting board. Remove the pit.

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