Splendid Spoon Reviews

With so many of us now too busy or too exhausted to cook healthy meals from scratch for dinner every night, meal delivery services have become very popular.

Splendid Spoon Reviews

These services send ingredients and recipes to your doorstep and make cooking delicious and varied meals at home an easier task.

If you’re considering signing up for a meal delivery service, you may have come across Splendid Spoon.

This is one of many companies that are offering this service but how does Splendid Spoon work?

What plans do Splendid Spoon offer and are they any good?

In this article, we will take a closer look at Splendid Spoon and review their service.

We will aim to answer all of your questions and help you decide whether Splendid Spoon is the meal delivery service for you.

What Is Splendid Spoon?

Splendid Spoon is a 100% plant-based subscription service that aims to be as organic and unprocessed as possible. 

It offers a large number of meals that are offered on a rotating basis and unlike many other meal delivery services, also has a varied menu of smoothies as well.

It offers several different plans that you can choose from and you can also buy individual boxes as well. 

The Splendid Spoon meals are lighter than many other meals so the service is especially suited to breakfast and lunches.

It does also offer dinners, although these are lighter than many.

How Splendid Spoon Works

When you join Splendid Spoon, you have several options to choose from.

Available Plans

At the core of Splendid Spoon are the subscription plans.

The Splendid Spoon plans are organized by type of meal so you can choose whether you want to focus on breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a combination of these.

Here are the plans currently available:

Breakfast – This is the smallest and cheapest plan offered by Splendid Spoon. This box gives you five smoothies that are perfect for breakfasts. The regular price of this plan costs $70.

Breakfast + Lunch – If you’re looking to get your breakfast and lunches sorted by Splendid Spoon, then this is the plan for you. You will get five smoothies and five soup and grain bowls. The regular price of this plan costs $100.

Breakfast, Lunch + Reset – As well as your breakfast and lunch, this plan also gives you a reset day. It includes five smoothies, five soup and grain bowls, and one light soup.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset – This is the largest plan that Splendid Spoon offers and the only one that offers a dinner option. It includes five smoothies, five soups and grain bowls, five noodles, and five light soups. The regular price of the plan costs $195.

On-Demand Boxes

As well as the subscription plans, you can also buu on-demand boxes without the need for any subscription at all.

These boxes can be bought without any commitment and come with free two day shipping.

When you choose a box, you can also choose which items to include in it.

Some of the boxes currently offered include:

Mix & Match Bundle – your choice of 10 items, including smoothies

Healthy Habits Bundle – again, a choice of 10 items with five wellness shots

Splendid Sips Bundle – your choice of five smoothies, three cold-pressed juices, and two wellness shots

The 1-Day Reset+ – a pre-selection of six items and one wellness shot

The 3-Day Reset+ – a pre-selection of 18 items and three wellness shots

You can also choose boxes that are purely of certain types of items.

Splendid Spoon Reviews

For example, you can choose a box of 10 smoothies, 10 soups and grains, 10 noodle bowls, or 10 juices.

Meal Selection

Is Splendid Spoon Suitable For My Diet?

All meals, smoothies, and shots offered by Splendid Spoon are plant-based so they are all completely vegan.

They’re also gluten-free and will fit into a healthy and well-balanced diet.

The meals are not necessarily low-carb or low-fat, however, as many dishes include high-carb foods such as noodles.

Every dish has its individual ingredients and nutritional information so you can choose the options that best suit your needs.

This means that you can also avoid any options that include ingredients that you’re allergic to or simply dislike.

As Splendid Spoon offers over 50 options you should be able to find something that will suit you.

However, if you do have a severe allergy, Splendid Spoon can’t guarantee that dishes won’t have trace elements of allergens in them.

The meals are prepared in a facility that handles all of the ingredients so it is possible for trace elements to be found.

Is Splendid Spoon Packaging Environmentally Friendly?

As well as being a plant-based company, Splendid Spoon are aiming to help the environment through their packaging also. All of their packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

When we received our boxes, we were impressed by the quality of the boxes and how well packaged the meals were.

There is dry ice included in the packaging, however, so be careful when unpacking your boxes.

Make sure that you don’t teach this with bare skin and let it evaporate away in an area that is well ventilated.

Once unpacked, you can break down the box and recycle it. You can put it into your recycling bin or take it to a recycling facility. 

The bottles and bowls can also be recycled as they’re made from BPA-free plastic. Make sure that you rinse them first and then recycle them as normal. 

Are Splendid Spoon Products Fresh?

All of Splendid Spoons meals and smoothies are made with ingredients that don’t contain GMOs.

Where possible, they avoid using ingredients that are processed and instead choose ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. 

You can check the ingredients found in every meal and see where they are sourced from before you make your order.

Splendid Spoon do try to use organic ingredients wherever possible and especially try to source organic versions of the foods found on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list.

These are the 12 fruits and vegetables that are generally the highest in pesticide residues, as collated by the Environment Working Group (EWG.)

We found that all of the items we received from Splendid Spoon looked fresh and healthy and tasted just as fresh, too.

Due to the freshness of the ingredients, you will need to consume the meals and smoothies within the timescales given by Splendid Spoon. 

Due to the ice packs in the boxes, most of the products will be frozen, or near to frozen, when you receive them.

If you put the grain, noodle, or soup bowls into the freezer immediately after receipt, you can keep them for one to three months. If you allow them to thaw out, they should be consumed within seven days.

The smoothies, juices, and shots have ‘enjoy by’ dates on their labels and they should be consumed by this date to enjoy them at their best.

Although they may still be safe past these dates, you should use your best judgment before consuming them.

How Do You Prepare The Meals?

The good news is that all of the meals coe fully prepared. You don’t need to worry about preparing ingredients or complicated cooking techniques.

If cooked from frozen, the noodle, grain, and soup bowls took around five to six minutes to fully reheat in the microwave. For the best results, you should stir them halfway through.

When cooked from fresh, the time in the microwave is greatly reduced.

Instead, your bowls will be hot and ready in around two to five minutes, depending on the strength of your microwave.

What Are The Pros Of A Splendid Spoon Subscription?

Now that we’ve addressed some of the general information about Splendid Spoon and explained the plan, let’s look at the pros and cons of buying from Splendid Spoon. We’ll begin by looking at the pros. 

Splendid Spoon Reviews

Rotating menus 

Splendid Spoon regularly changes their menus. Even if you have a long-term subscription, you won’t be able to get bored of the amount of choices available as this will constantly change

Fully Prepared Meals

Unlike some meal subscription services, all of the meals that come from Splendid Spoon are fully prepared.

You don’t need to do any cooking or preparation other than heating the food.

Healthy Food And Ingredients

Everything Splendid Spoon offers is vegan and GMO-free. Where possible, ingredients are organic and Splendid Spoon offer full details of every meal and ingredient so you can make informed choices

Choice Of Smoothies

Splendid Spoon offers a large selection of smoothies and a wide variety of flavors.

They aren’t as sweet as many smoothies can be and you can buy these as part of a subscription plan or as individual on-demand boxes.

Range Of On Demand Boxes

If you decide the subscription isn’t for you but there are still some meals or smoothies that you would like to order, you can choose one of the many on demand boxes.

Several of these allow you to choose your own contents too, so you can make sure you have the items you want.

Meals Can Be Frozen

The grain, noodle, and soup bowls can all be frozen for up to three months.

They don’t need to be consumed immediately so you won’t get a backlog of meals to eat.

Tastes Delicious

Everything we tried from Splendid Spoon tasted great. We particularly liked the noodle bowls and grain bowls, but everything was delicious.

As long as you like the ingredients in each item, there is no reason why you should dislike anything you order.

Recyclable Packaging

All of the boxes we received from Splendid Spoon were well-packaged and protected.

The packaging is 100 percent recyclable as well. Shipping was fast and within the time scales provided by Splendid Spoon when our order was placed.

What Are The Cons Of A Splendid Spoon Subscription?

Now that we’ve looked at the pros of a Splendid Spoon subscription, we should also look at the cons as well.

Price Of The Plan

Splendid Spoon is quite expensive when compared to other similar meal delivery services.

Although the company offers discounts for new customers and regularly offers plans at lower prices, the price may be too much for some.

The cheapest subscription plan is $70 and the highest is $195.

Meals Aren’t Filling

Splendid Spoon isn’t really designed to be a dinner service. Although they do offer a subscription that has dinner included, you only get noodle bowls as a dinner option.

This might not be filling enough and is a limited range of choices. The service is best for breakfast and lunch options.

Not Entirely Organic

Although Splendid Spoon tries to source organic ingredients as frequently as possible, not every ingredient is organic.

If you only want to eat organic, you will need to check the meal and ingredient lists before ordering

Allergens Might Be Present

The service might not be suited for anyone with a severe food allergy.

Although all allergens are listed, Splendid Spoon cannot guarantee that trace elements of allergens won’t be found in the meals

Do You Recommend Splendid Spoon?

If you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery service that prioritizes lighter meals or works best for breakfast or lunch, then Splendid Spoon is a good option for you.

The choice was varied and everything we sampled tasted good. The boxes are also great for those who don’t have much time for prep and just want to reheat and eat.

However, for anyone with a big appetite that wants more filling meals, Splendid Spoon is unlikely to fit the bill If you’re a smoothie connoisseur that likes to make your own drinks, you might find the choice to be a little limiting, also. 

The price will also be a big consideration for many as Splendid Spoon is set at a higher price point than many similar services.

Final Thoughts

Splendid Spoon offers several different meal subscriptions options as well as on-demand boxes.

The food is healthy, preparation time minimal, and the taste is great.

We hope this article will help you decide whether Splendid Spoon is the meal delivery service for you.

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