Hungryroot Reviews 

One of the main motivators driving more and more people to adopt a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is health.

Hungryroot Reviews

Consuming a plant-based diet built around fresh, wholesome produce has been associated with numerous health benefits, from better heart health and digestive function to clearer skin.

However, cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients on a regular basis is much easier said than done.

That’s why many vegans now rely on grocery and meal kit services like Hungryroot to meet their nutritional needs. 

We’ve heard a lot of people talking about Hungryroot, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. Here’s what we thought of the service. 

What Is Hungryroot?

Hungryroot is a personalized grocery service designed to take the stress and effort out of planning your meals and buying fresh produce. 

With a Hungryroot subscription, you get fresh, healthy ingredients delivered directly to your door along with simple, easy-to-follow recipes.

For busy people looking to elevate their cooking game and improve their diet, Hungryroot truly seems like the ultimate answer. 

But what is it really like having a subscription to Hungryroot, and is it worth it? Read on to hear our first impressions. 

Hungryroot’s (Vegan) Recipes 

It’s important to note that Hungryroot is not a completely vegan grocery service.

It does have plenty of vegan recipe options, a few of which we’ve already tried. If you are vegan, you will need to filter your search by selecting ‘vegan’ from the dropdown menu under ‘recipes. 

This is easy to do, so vegans should have no problems using Hungryroot. To order ingredients for delicious plant-based recipes, like these ones: 

Hearty Vegan Chorizo, Black Bean And Butternut Plate 

The Hearty Vegan Chorizo, Black Bean and Butternut Plate. Hungryroot is perfect for those nights when you’re tired, hungry, and in the mood for a wholesome, high-protein meal. 

Of course, the chorizo in this recipe is fully plant-based. The recipe as a whole features only a few ingredients for maximum ease when it comes to the cooking process.

On top of the butternut squash and beans, the only things you have to add are scallions and a delicious avocado crema, both of which are included and really bring the dish together. 

Beyond Meatball Mushroom Risotto

Another satiating and super flavorsome vegan dish from Hungryroot is this Beyond Meatball Mushroom Risotto. 

This is a 3-ingredient recipe, so even if you really don’t know your way around the kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare this dish quickly and easily. 

When you choose this recipe and add it to your subscription, you’ll receive wild mushroom risotto rice. It consist of the beyond meatballs, and a bell pepper (Find out Is Bell Pepper A Fruit?) to cut up and serve alongside the other ingredients.

We loved how you can really taste the mushroom flavor alongside the very real-tasting meatiness of the meatballs. 

Vegan Good Morning Plate 

If you’re looking for a good plant-based breakfast option via Hungryroot. our top recommendation would have to be the Vegan Good Morning Plate. 

It can be so difficult to find the time to prepare nutritious, balanced breakfasts in the morning. If you have to commute to work or get your kids ready for school. 

Using just 3 ingredients (organic oat milk vegan butter, liquid plant-based eggs and blueberry morning rounds). You can make 4 servings of this delicious, filling breakfast in under 5 minutes. 

Lemony Garlic Chickpeas With Crispy Brussels 

Chickpeas are an incredible source of plant-based protein, so if you want to make sure you get your protein for the day without relying on meat alternatives, try this Lemony Garlic Chickpeas with Crispy Brussels recipe.

When you choose this recipe, Hungryroot will send you a pack of shaved brussels, some kale quinoa bites, garlic herb chickpeas, and a pot of sumptuous lemon tahini.

The dish takes just 11 minutes to prepare according to the instructions and you’ll receive enough ingredients for 2 servings. 

Hummus And Quinoa Bite Pita Pocket 

This Hummus and Quinoa Bite Pita Pocket is the perfect vegan lunchtime option.

You can make this pita sandwich in 5 minutes, and if you happen to have a toaster somewhere in your office building. You can take the ingredients with you to work and assemble your meal there.

Alternatively, you can prepare the sandwich before you leave and enjoy it cold. 

Included with this recipe bundle is a pack of 2 whole grain pitas, lemon dill hummus, kale (Check out How To Massage Kale) quinoa bites, baby spinach, and a red onion.

Hungryroot Reviews

Gnocchi With Pesto And Butternut Squash

One of our favorite Hungryroot recipes, this Gnocchi with Pesto and Butternut Squash tastes so indulgent you’d never guess it’s only 650 calories! 

Adding this recipe to your Hungryroot subscription will get cauliflower gnocchi, butternut squash cubes and plant-based kale pesto delivered to your door so you can assemble a plate of this amazing pasta (Find out Is Pasta Vegan?) in about half an hour. 

Cooking With Hungryroot

If you were wondering what it’s like to actually cook your food according to Hungryroot’s recipes. We’re pleased to report that the process is straightforward and, in most cases, really fast.

This makes Hungryroot a great option for those of us who are pressed for time on a regular basis. 

The longest preparation time of any meal we tried was 30 minutes for the gnocchi. Since pasta is a meal better suited to relaxing evenings in, this wasn’t a problem.

Many of the meals we tried out took under 15 minutes to prepare, and some took less than 5, which is perfect when you’re rushing out of the door for work. 

We knew upon receiving the ingredients that everything sent to us was high quality because of how fresh the produce looked. That was confirmed each time we tasted one of the dishes, proving that a Hungryroot subscription is worth the price. Speaking of which… 

Hungryroot Prices 

One of the main factors holding potential customers back from trying grocery subscription services like Hungryroot is the cost.

Many meal and grocery subscription plans are overpriced, but we don’t feel that this is the case with Hungryroot. 

When you first hear Hungryroot’s prices (ranging from $9.99 per serving for the smallest 6-serving plan to $8.49 per serving for 12 servings), you might do the math and feel that it sounds expensive.

However, given the high quality of the ingredients, the excellent standard of the recipes. The convenience that the delivery service provides, we don’t think the price is too high.

Plus, for a flat rate of $10 on top of your chosen plan, you can add sides in increments of either 2 or 4, which can be an excellent deal if you take advantage of it. 

Hungryroot’s Delivery Service 

With Hungryroot, you can get new ingredients delivered on a weekly basis.

Unlike some other delivery services that don’t allow you to get specific with your delivery options. You can choose your preferred date for delivery, although you don’t get to choose an exact time slot. 

Given that you’ll be allocated a time slot based on your chosen delivery date, it’s important to make sure you can be home when your groceries are delivered because perishable items need to be refrigerated as soon as they arrive. 

As for the non-perishables, you can take these out of the insulated (recyclable) box at your leisure. 

From our own experience, we can testify that everything was delivered in excellent condition with no damage or spoilage to report. 

Is Hungryroot Sustainable?

One of the reasons we’ve chosen to promote veganism ourselves is because we care about the planet.

If you do, too, then you’re most likely interested in the sustainability of any company you consider supporting. 

Hungryroot’s packaging is all fully recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to landfill emissions if you get a subscription to Hungryroot.

Additionally, the paper cooler that comes with the ingredients is non-toxic and the insulation is drain-safe.

Hungryroot Reviews

We weren’t able to find information on Hungryroot’s website regarding whether produce is sourced locally or how sustainable the sourcing methods are.

However, we did find a statement from Hungryroot indicating that the company does not over-source its products and any excess is donated to food banks. 

Hungryroot also avoids using ingredients that could damage the environment (or your health). So you won’t find any artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors in your meals.

Partially hydrogenated oils are also out of the picture. 

What Is Hungryroot’s Customer Service Like?

One of the most asked questions we’ve received about Hungryroot is what the customer service is like.

With any grocery subscription service, people want to know whether things like amending your order, canceling your subscription and reporting any issues are easy to do. 

We didn’t need to use the customer service options ourselves, but we do know that you can contact Hungryroot’s customer support between 10 am and 6pm any day of the week, including Sundays. 

You can speak to customer service agents over the phone or via email if you prefer. You can request to skip a delivery or adjust your order any time you like before the deadline (when your delivery is processed).

The same goes for canceling your subscription altogether. You can also report a change of address or change your preferred delivery date, although it’s easy to do this yourself on your account page. 

An Overview Of Hungryroot 

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience of subscribing to Hungryroot, and the positive testimonials from hundreds of satisfied customers show that we’re not alone.

There are a few minor things we would change, though. Here’s an overview of our experience broken down into pros and cons:


  • Easy Recipes – No skill required 
  • Quick Prep And Cook Times – Ideal for busy people
  • Free Amends And Cancellations – No hassle 
  • Plenty Of Plant-Based Options – Vegan-friendly 
  • Fresh And Tasty Ingredients – Great quality 
  • Recyclable Packaging – Good for the planet 
  • Option To Choose Delivery Date – Convenient 
  • Reasonable Prices – Affordable 


  • Fairly Basic Recipes – Not always the most exciting meals 
  • No Information On Sourcing – Uncertain sustainability 
  • Lots Of Plastic Packaging – Could be more eco-friendly 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Hungryroot Vegan?

Although Hungryroot is not a fully vegan service (it does offer meat, dairy and seafood options and animal byproducts like honey for those customers who want them). You can easily make all your Hungryroot orders 100% vegan by filtering your recipe selection to include only vegan options. 

Is Hungryroot Worth It? 

In our opinion, a Hungryroot subscription is definitely worth it.

The prices are reasonable considering the quality and health benefits of the produce. The fact that you get to enjoy the convenience of having all your groceries for chosen recipes shipped straight to your door.

Can You Cancel Hungryroot?

We feel pretty confident that our readers will love the service and products that Hungryroot has to offer. We also understand that there might be circumstances that mean you have to cancel your Hungryroot subscription. 

Luckily, Hungryroot makes it easy for you to cancel your subscription at any time.

You can either request a cancellation via Hungryroot’s customer support email ([email protected]) or simply cancel the subscription yourself via your account homepage. 

The only time you might not be able to cancel your subscription with immediate effect would be if your next bundle has already been processed. If you cancel your subscription at that point you won’t be charged for anything else after your next delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

So, would we recommend Hungryroot to fellow vegans? The answer is yes, absolutely!

If you’re struggling to find the time to go out and buy fresh produce and cook balanced meals at home, Hungryroot will make this aspect of your life so much easier. 

With Hungryroot, you don’t have to pay any more than you would for the average week’s groceries from the store. It’s much more convenient. 

Meals from Hungryroot are quick and easy to prepare but taste fresh and delicious, and there’s an entire menu of vegan options. You won’t be limited by your dietary needs.

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