15 Best Corn Recipes To Try Today

15 Best Corn Recipes To Try Today

Whether you’re looking for breakfast inspiration, side dish recipes, or even something as hearty as a main meal dish to serve to all of the family, sweecorn is a great ingredient that can be used in such a wide variety of different meals, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best corn recipes that you should be trying! 

So if you’re running out of inspiration, or want to use up some corn that you’ve got sitting around in your house, then this should help you!

1. Vegan Corn Fritters

A great breakfast item, these delicious vegan corn fritters are a way of differentiating yourself from the rest when it comes to serving up breakfast, and you can add any number of different combinations of toppings when you serve them, which truly helps to show off just how versatile corn can be!

We recommend serving these with a light, dairy-free yogurt and some fresh fruit in order to pack your breakfast with all of the nutrients you need ready for the day ahead.

2. Tofu Scramble With Corn And Zucchini

If this list does anything for you, it should help you to realize that corn is actually an extremely viable breakfast ingredient!

This quick breakfast is packed full of exciting flavor combinations, this dish is a simple breakfast that is also vegan and gluten free, which means you can eat it without any guilt whatsoever! 

This meal is delicious and will set you up ready for the day ahead in just 10 minutes, with the tofu, corn, kale, and zucchini coming together to make your breakfast as healthy as possible. 

3. Savory Oats With Kale And Corn

This oatmeal dish is a great way of shaking away any preconceptions you might have about what you should include in your oatmeal! 

This one is perfect for a cold winter’s day, and is filled with delicious sauteed spinach and corn to provide you with a wholesome, hearty meal that is also super healthy too. 

Overall, this versatile dish is excellent as a loaded breakfast, or even as a savory snack later on in the day, and we can assure you that you won’t be able to get enough of it! 

4. Spicy Maple Miso Corn

This recipe is a Japanese twist on butter bath corn, and is both vegan and nut free too! 

This recipe calls for oat milk, vegan butter, maple syrup to help provide that sweetness, chilli flakes for a bit of spice, and of course, miso paste, for that super umami flavor that is going to keep you hooked the entire time you eat it!

So with only 6 ingredients, and less than 15 minutes, you can have this gorgeous side dish ready to eat!

5. Grilled Corn And Avocado Salsa

If you’re looking for a quick and easy accompaniment to your meals on a warm summer’s evening, then this grilled corn and avocado salsa is going to be the key to making your summer meals feel complete!

You can serve this salsa alongside anything, so whether it’s the next side dish to your weekly taco Tuesday, or you just want to have it as a snack alongside some chips, then you won’t be let down by this salsa that is just bursting with flavor! 

6. Vegan Corn Empanadas

These excellent vegan corn empanadas are a great oil free option, and are super easy to make too!

However, don’t think that these empanadas skimp out on any flavor whatsoever, these make such an excellent snack option during parties or large gatherings!

Make these in a big batch, and then you should have enough for everyone to share around. 

7. Moroccan Mint Corn

This is a relatively simple dish, but it helps to elevate your typical corn and butter way beyond anything you could imagine with the addition of only a few simple seasonings and ingredients!

Once you’ve tried this elevated corn dish, then you’ll never ever want to go back to the traditional corn and butter dish ever again. 

8. Air Fryer Corn Ribs

Air fryers are such an amazing piece of cooking equipment, and have become extremely popular in recent years.

They’re such a great alternative to traditional methods of frying your food, and prove to be much healthier too!

These air fryer corn ribs make for an excellent sweet and juicy snack, and also work well as a side dish or as an appetizer.

The best thing is, they only take 10 minutes cooking time in the air fryer with minimal oil, and plenty of seasonings. 

9. Grilled Corn Salad

Nothing tastes better than a Mexican styled salad, which is why this grilled (Also check out Vegan Grill Recipes To Try Today) corn salad is going to be immensely popular whenever you serve it!

It’s super crunchy and made using fresh ingredients that ensure that your main dish has the perfect accompaniment.

Adorned with a creamy chipotle sauce, this grilled corn salad is the perfect appetizer or side dish for your taco nights!

10. Coconut Creamed Corn With Grains

This dish is well balanced with its flavors, and makes for a satisfying meal with its combination of both sweet and savory thanks to the corn and the inclusion of the cooked grains, chiles, and turmeric. 

Serve with a lime wedge, and you have all the key flavors that are sure to be a success every time.

We recommend this dish best for the summertime, it’s full of flavor, without being too filling, which makes it easy to eat no matter how hot it is! 

11. Summer Succotash

Once you’ve made this succotash once, you’ll be making it again soon after too!

The use of fresh cherry tomatoes is what truly sets this dish apart from the rest, and combined with the inclusion of some other super sweet vegetables, and the buttery coconut oil that makes this simple dinner taste much more decadent than it really is! 

12. Vegan Corn Pudding

This corn pudding feels like it should be some sort of crime, however when you taste just how good it is, what initially seems like something so wrong, it becomes something that tastes so right! 

This is essentially a clash between cornbread and souffle, and it results in a super creamy corn pudding, and the best bit of it all, is that it’s completely vegan, which means it’s suitable for all of your guests. 

13. Mexican Street Corn

If you’re craving that taste of Mexico, then this recipe is going to be sure to blow your mind.

Featuring some delicious dairy-free cashew sour cream, as well as some fresh cilantro and vegan cheese, this dish is an instant classic and will transport you right to the sunny streets of Mexico in no time. 

What truly makes this dish is the choice of seasonings used, Ancho chilli powder and freshly squeezed lime juice combine to bring all the tanginess and spice you could ever want from your new favorite Mexican dish!

14. Creamy Corn Chowder

This extra creamy corn chowder is another super creative way of using corn and shows exactly just how versatile corn can be.

This dish is suitable for everyone as it’s both nut free and vegan!

There’s also an extra secret ingredient that not only helps to make sure that this corn chowder is creamy but also makes it really nutritious too. 

Whether you want to have this corn chowder for lunch or dinner, it can be made relatively quickly, and you can decide whether you want it to be completely smooth, or have a few chunks in it!

If you want something that is hassle-free and still really flavorful, then this corn chowder is certainly the way to go. 

15. Sweet Corn Risotto With Roasted Shallots

If you’re looking for a dish that can truly impress someone, but you don’t want to cause too much of a mess, nor do you want to have to struggle with cooking a particularly hasslesome meal, then this sweet corn risotto served with roasted shallots is soon going to become your go to date night meal!

This dish can be made using just one pan, which means you won’t have to worry too much about the cleanup required afterward, and the result is this perfect summer ready risotto that is packed to the brim with flavors, with super sweet corn, and shallots that will just melt inside your mouth. 


We hope that this list has helped you to realize just how important and versatile corn can be to so many different dishes.

Hopefully, whilst browsing through this list, you find some amazing vegan dishes that you feel would suit you, and perhaps that you’d like to try to cook for yourself at some point.

So whether it’s ribs or succotash, food is about experimenting, so be brave and go for it! 

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