15 Delicious Vegan Asparagus Recipes You Will Love

15 Delicious Vegan Asparagus Recipes You Will Love

If you are a fan of asparagus but you’re not sure of the best way to cook it then you are in the right place.

We have put together this list of 15 delicious recipes for asparagus that are all suitable for people on a vegan diet. Keep reading for some asparagus inspiration. 

1. Creamy Vegan Lemon Asparagus Pasta

 When you make your own pasta sauce instead of using a pre-prepared sauce in a jar you will notice how much more flavorsome your meals become.

You can also control the amount of salt, sugar, and fat that goes into your food, and make sure that all of your meals are vegan friendly.

This pasta sauce is really easy to make and tastes like something you would order at a fancy restaurant.

The lemon helps to bring out the flavor of the asparagus and almond milk is used to make the sauce creamy without using dairy products. 

2. Vegan Cream Of Asparagus Soup 

You don’t need to use dairy products to create a creamy texture and flavor in this soup. You don’t even need to use nut milk or coconut cream.

The trick with this recipe is to use potatoes. They have a creamy texture and act as a thickener for the soup, as well as providing essential nutrients like potassium. Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

The asparagus is also very nutritious, with protein. Calcium, fiber and plenty of different vitamins.

The soup has a vibrant green color and a refreshing taste which is ideal for spring when asparagus is in season. 

3. Vegan Asparagus Quiche 

This asparagus quiche is egg free and is also gluten free. It uses silken tofu to create a creamy consistency for the quiche filling without the need to use dairy products.

Turmeric and nutritional yeast give the filling that bright yellow color that would usually be created by the egg yolk.

This recipe is much lower in cholesterol and fat than a traditional quiche, so you can enjoy a nice large slice without any guilt.

It is ideal for picnics or a light summer dinner served with a side salad. 

4. Asparagus Hummus

Hummus recipes are usually vegan, but a lot of restaurants and cafes use a hummus based dish as the vegan option.

Even if you are a big fan of hummus, the flavor can get a little boring. That is why you should try this delicious asparagus hummus.

It has  beautiful green color and a vibrant taste. You can top it with pine nuts and a drizzle of olive oil, or garlic oil for punchy flavor.

This hummus is perfect for dipping vegetable sticks like carrots, celery and bell pepper.

You can also enjoy it with vegan breadsticks, wheat crackers and toasted pita bread. 

5. Vegan Asparagus Spirals 

These asparagus spirals made with vegan pastry (Also check out Are Pop Tarts Vegan?) made a wonderful appetizer or can be used at a party as part of the buffet table.

They are really easy to make but look fancy and impressive when laid out together. They are easy to eat with your fingers which is ideal for a party or a BBQ.

These spirals are finished off with salt and pepper, but you could also use some herbs like rosemary to give them an aromatic flavor. 

6. Roasted Asparagus

This recipe shows you how to make the perfect roasted asparagus which you can use as a main dish, a starter, or a side dish with any vegan meal.

Roasting the asparagus intensifies the flavor more so than if you steamed it or even sauteed it (Check out How To Cook Asparagus In An Air Fryer).

That is why this recipe is ideal for people who really love asparagus and can’t get enough of the flavor.

It is really simple to make and looks very elegant when the asparagus is piled up on a plate topped with a garnish of parmesan shavings.

The asparagus is roasted with fresh mint, lemon juice and red pepper flakes. 

7. Asparagus With Vegan Hollandaise 

This dish makes a wonderful starter or can be eaten for breakfast instead of eggs benedict.

Hollandaise sauce is usually made with egg yolks and butter, but this recipe uses silken tofu to create that creamy, indulgent consistency without the dairy products and with much less saturated fat.

It also allows you to make the sauce ahead of time without worrying that it will curdle. 

8. Vegan Risotto With Asparagus And Mushroom 

A lot of recipes for risotto involve large amounts of butter and cheese to create that creamy sauce that coats the rice.

This recipe has barely any fat and plenty of flavor, and achieves a creamy consistency without any dairy products.

The rice is cooked to perfection, with spinach and lemon juice along with the asparagus and mushrooms. Nutritional yeast is also used in this recipe which adds to the flavor and the enticing color.

Not only is this recipe vegan, it is also gluten free, soy free, and does not contain any refined sugar. 

9. Charred Asparagus With Mango Tomato Salsa

If you like your asparagus with some bite then charring is a great cooking method to use.

The asparagus doesn’t get too soft, and has a nice crispy texture that works well with the soft tomatoes and mangoes in the salsa.

This recipe is perfect to make at the very start of summer when the asparagus is still in season and the tomatoes and mangoes are ripe.

The colors are vibrant and enticing and the flavors are bright. 

10. Grilled Asparagus Wrap 

If you are looking for an alternative to a boring sandwich, why don’t you give this asparagus wrap a try? The asparagus wrap is grilled (Also check out Vegan Grill Recipes To Try Today) which softens the middle but leaves the outside nice and crisp.

Crunchy cabbage is used instead of lettuce, and jalapeno hummus gives the wrap a kick of spice.

You can use a flour tortilla wrap or a corn tortilla wrap depending on what you prefer. 

11. Lemon Asparagus With Caramelized Shallots 

Lemon and asparagus are two flavors that go together exquisitely well. The asparagus is earthy and the lemon is zesty, and they combine to create a fresh, bright flavor that is vibrant and refreshing.

This is contrasted by the sweetness of the caramelized shallot which balances out the other flavors.

You can serve this healthy recipe as a side dish or as a main with some potatoes. 

12. Asparagus And Pesto Cashew Cheese Tart with Lemon Arugula 

This elegant and tasty tart is ideal for parties and holidays and can be enjoyed as an appetizer, a side dish or a main.

The vegan flaky pastry is topped with lemon cashew cream with punchy garlic flavors. The fresh asparagus is then laid on top and the tart is baked in the oven.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy this recipe is to make, yet how impressive the flavors and presentation are.

If you want to impress your guests, you should definitely have a go at making this recipe. 

13. Asparagus And Zucchini Soup 

Asparagus and Zucchini are two spring vegetables with a lovely green color, lots of nutrients, and a light, fresh taste.

It makes perfect sense to combine them into a refreshing soup with a savory, vegetable flavor and earthy, herby seasoning.

Despite being nice and light, this soup is also a little bit creamy which is very satisfying.

This recipe is free from nuts, gluten, soy, oil, and refined sugars. This makes it suitable for people with various allergies, people on a vegan diet, a gluten free diet, or a paleo diet. 

14. One-Pot Asparagus And Spinach Gnocchi

This delicious Italian recipe is full of nutrients and the potato gnocchi is light yet filling.

The spinach is high in iron, the chickpeas provide fiber and protein, the asparagus is full of nutrients and the peas are very healthy.

All of these ingredients come together to make a wholesome meal that is really good for you and tastes fantastic.

Garlic and herbs help to bring out the fresh flavors of all of the vegetables and create a simple coating for the ingredients. 

15. Asparagus Salad  

A great way to use asparagus is in a tasty salad. This recipe uses sweet peas, punchy radishes, bright asparagus, earthy pine nuts, salty feta cheese, and a creamy avocado dressing.

Garlic, mint, basil and fresh lemon juice are used to flavor the ingredients and create a vibrant, zingy flavor.

This salad is the perfect recipe to celebrate the arrival and spring and the switch from winter comfort meals to lighter dishes.

There are lots of different flavors and textures that come together to create an exciting meal. 


There are so many different ways to cook asparagus and incorporate it into your meals.

It is best to make these recipes when asparagus is in season as it will be so much more flavorsome and the texture will be better.

These dishes will inspire you to find even more inventive ways to use asparagus.

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