15 Best Vegan Brunch Recipes To Try Today

If you’re an avid bruncher, then you’ll know just how amazing brunch can be as a meal. It’s flexible in time, and in taste.

15 Best Vegan Brunch Recipes To Try Today

So whether you’re brunching early at 10:30, or a little later at 12:30, brunch is a great time for sweet and savory dishes, and is often accompanied by a good cocktail too! 

A Sunday brunch is the best way to combat the hangover from the night before, and who doesn’t love gossiping over some delicious food?

What Is Vegan Brunch?

Whether you are looking to have a vegan brunch recipes or just want to try some vegan friendly places, you can find many restaurants in your area that offer this type of cuisine. But what is the difference between a vegan brunch and a regular brunch? You may be surprised by the differences.

Caravan of Dreams

Founded in October 1991 by Spanish expat Angel Moreno, Caravan of Dreams is a staple in the East Village of New York. It’s the oldest organic vegan restaurant in the neighborhood and has been a cornerstone of the healthy food movement for nearly two decades. The place has a long and rich history of hosting innovative programs and providing fresh, organic ingredients to its patrons. A great way to experience it is by snagging a seat on their outdoor patio.

The Caravan of Dreams is a great option for any vegan or vegetarian looking for a healthy option that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. Their menu is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, leans towards international cuisine, and features a few vegan and vegetarian specialties of its own. It’s also a good choice for families looking to treat their meat-free loved ones to a quality meal. Caravan of Dreams is also a great choice for those who want to take advantage of the area’s excellent public transportation system. The restaurant is only a short walk from most public transit routes. It also offers delivery and takeout services.

The Caravan of Dreams is one of the oldest vegan and raw food restaurants in New York. They are also the first to bring organic, healthy food to the East Village. Whether you’re looking for an evening meal, brunch on a Saturday or Sunday, or just a quick snack, the place has something for everyone. It also has a well-stocked drink list. The staff at Caravan of Dreams are all about making sure their patrons are satisfied, and it shows. They’re known to be friendly and efficient. They’ve even cultivated a community of dedicated followers who make regular visits.

Jajaja Mexicana

Located in the Lower East Side, Jajaja Mexicana combines authentic Mexican cuisine with a distinctly Lower East Side sensibility. The restaurant is open for brunch on weekends and serves Mexican beer, tequila, and metal. They also offer a variety of street tacos and vegan brunch recipes dishes.

The menu is all-vegan and features an array of unique dishes. These include a chorizo burrito painted with green chili sauce, a vegan quesadilla filled with coconut queso, and crispy chayote fish tacos. All of the menu items are kosher, and all of the locations are certified by the International Kosher Council. The restaurant also serves specialty craft cocktails.

One of my favorite dishes at Jajaja is their nachos. This dish is piled high with refried beans, faux-rizo, salsa, cream, and queso. They also serve guacamole, chunky guacamole, and turmeric guess.

Another favorite is the Buffalo cauliflower taco. This dish is filled with carrots, celery, and celery leaves. It’s then topped with Chipotle almond butter, birria (a banana blossom salsa), and pico de Gallo. I also love the spicy seitan-based horizon.

In addition to their food, Jajaja has a laid-back atmosphere. Their tables are close together, and the music is loud enough to mask secrets, but quiet enough to avoid headaches. Jajaja is also known for its beautiful decor and attentive service. They have four locations in New York City and another in Brooklyn. The restaurant is owned by Korosh Bakhtiar and Nima Garo. They’re also part of the Jajaja Group. Jajaja is located in the Lower East Side, North 3rd Street Market, and Williamsburg. They also have a semi-enclosed outdoor patio. Jajaja Mexicana is open for brunch and lunch.

Shoo Shoo

Despite a limited number of locations in New York City, Shoo Shoo is a Middle-Eastern joint that is making a name for itself. Chef Shimon Maman shepherds an all-day menu of dishes that combine Israeli and Mediterranean staples. From falafel late to shakshuka to a healthy dose of whole grains, there’s something for every taste bud at this Nolita eatery.

For vegan brunch recipes, Shoo Shoo offers a fun play on the avocado toast. Instead of smashed avocado, Shoo Shoo serves it atop a bed of sprouts, lentils, and alfalfa. The combination is the perfect blend of spicy and healthy. The toppings also include a hint of harissa sauce.

Besides the aforementioned avocado toast, Shoo Shoo also serves a plethora of other enticing brunch fare. In addition to the aforementioned kale breakfast pancakes, Shoo Shoo has a branding fish stew, as well as saith and hummus. The menu also includes a handful of other dishes that haven’t yet made it to our top 10 list, including the Balaboosta (a phyllo dough pastry filled with chicken thigh and spinach) and the ShookShooka (a falafel-stuffed chicken schnitzel topped with hummus, yogurt, and mint).

Shoo Shoo also boasts a number of cocktails on the menu. The bartender knows his or her stuff. There are also several wine options, including Israeli wines, as well as a selection of specialty cocktails, including a fresh-squeezed house Margarita. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a raucous brunch with friends, Shoo Shoo has you covered. The restaurant’s decor and service are also top-notch, and the waitstaff are happy to answer any questions you may have. And, with prices that are affordable and attractive, Shoo Shoo is one of the best places to get your Middle-Eastern fix in New York City.

TRI Lounge & Cafe

TRI Lounge and Cafe in Staten Island have vegan brunch options. This all-vegan restaurant provides a homey, comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer smoothies, pastries, and classic New York-style pizzas. Besides serving delicious food, the restaurant also hosts community gatherings and offers performance opportunities for local talent.

There’s a lot to love about TRI Lounge & Cafe. The menu offers vegan pastries, smoothies, and classic New York-style pizzas. The prices are affordable and the food is perfectly cooked. TRI Lounge & Cafe also offer free delivery in Staten Island and offer free delivery for Postmates Unlimited customers.

The menu at the Natural Blend Vegan Cafe & Juice Bar in Bed-Stuy is full of popular dishes. You can order organic cat bowls, smoothies, and cat bowls. The cafe also offers vegan detox juices. The cafe’s detox juice blends carrots, cucumbers, and spinach. You can also order smoothies based on the fruit of your choice.

The cafe also offers vegan comfort food. You can enjoy a delicious enchilada burrito for breakfast, or you can order a Philly cheesesteak for lunch. If you’re feeling peckish, they also offer a breakfast sandwich. You can also order a vegan brunch sandwich. They have a fig and “prosciutto” croissant. The cafe is owned by Michael Nicholas.

The cafe also offers a variety of vegan drinks. The drinks have funny names such as seedling spice 94 and Cointreau. The cafe also offers drinks such as Thai basil, agave, and seedling spices 94. They also offer an organic Glowing Detox. If you’re not hungry, you can enjoy their vegan-friendly cocktails, including their popular drink, the PLANTA Queen.

Public Records

Located in the former ASPCA headquarters in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Public Records is a fusion of music, food, and community. The space includes an all-vegan cafe, record bar, and cocktail bar. The venue also hosts concerts and multi-genre live shows. It’s a counter-culture hangout in Brooklyn, with a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe.

The sound room is a multi-room space that is home to an Isonoe mixer and OJAS sound system. It’s a perfect place for intimate performances or DJs. It’s also a great venue for live music and dancing. The bar is also a great place to grab a drink, while the food is a good complement to the music.

The cafe pays tribute to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), which used to have its headquarters in the building for more than 60 years. The menu features a variety of veggie-forward fusion dishes. The food is also inspired by global influences. It is a good way to refuel after a night on the town.

It’s also a great spot for a daytime drink or brunch. It has an indoor area that’s perfect for romantic evenings, and it has a large outdoor area during warm days. It’s also a great spot for dancing on a weekend.

Whether you’re looking for a great brunch spot or an evening out, Public Records is a good choice. Their vegan menu is a good way to refuel. They also have a variety of lingonberry gummy candies. The sound room is also a great spot to listen to live music.

They also have a full-service vegan restaurant. The menu features a variety of vegan comfort foods, as well as veggie-forward fusion dishes. They also serve classic granola bowls.

So, if you’re vegan, and trying to find some inspiration for your own brunch recipes, then here are 15 of the best vegan brunch recipes that you need to try!

1. Pancakes With Ombre Strawberries

This is a dish that is going to look amazing on your Instagram story, and the best bit is, it tastes even better!

This colorful combination of the creamy pancakes and the wonderful ombre strawberries provides your brunch with a flood of color, which is sure to impress your friends and your guests. 

This dish is the perfect sweet option for a brunch, and would pair perfectly with your favorite fruit juice, smoothie, or even a cocktail if you’re feeling brave enough!

2. Tomato Lox And Cream Cheese Bagel

Lox and cream cheese bagels are a well known brunch item, so as a vegan, it can sometimes be disappointing that you aren’t able to enjoy the same sort of brunch item as some of your non-vegan friends.

Thankfully, it seems that a tomato that has been boiled and peeled has the potential to make an excellent vegan lox alternative!

Through the use of some intensive seasoning, including tamari, liquid smoke, and some kelp powder, you now have the ultimate lox replacement that pairs perfectly with the cream cashew cheese. 

Serve in a toasted bagel alongside some colorful salad for an eye-catching and tasty brunch.

3. 5 Ingredient Babka Wreath

A seasonal twist on the wonderful traditional Jewish sweet bread makes for an amazing sweet brunch item that helps to set the tone for a lazy Sunday brunch!

Another great thing about this brunch recipe, is that it only needs 5 ingredients!

That’s right, you’re just 5 ingredients away from a super sweet Sunday brunch item, and it’s best accompanied alongside a well brewed coffee!

4. Kale And Mushroom Quiche

As a vegan just starting out, you often find yourself mourning the loss of certain dishes because you no longer eat some of the ingredients used to make them.

This is common with quiche, as you can no longer have the eggs that are in them. Thankfully, this recipe is here to solve all of that!

Whilst this quiche might take a little longer to make, it’s delicious and is worth every minute spent making it, so spoil yourself! 

5. Blueberry, Banana, And Praline French Toast Casserole

If you want that Parisienne feeling without having to fly yourself out to France, this sweet dish is the perfect way to bring a little bit of Europe to your lazy brunch day!

With no eggs, cream, or butter, you can enjoy this sweet treat all morning without having to worry about whether or not it’s vegan, this dish is sure to help rejuvenate your spirit after a particularly wild night out with your friends!

6. Faux Sausage Rolls With Sweet Potato And Caramelized Onion

If a full blown meal isn’t quite your thing for brunch, then the chances are that you’re looking for something snackable that you can easily graze upon all morning. 

Enter these faux sausage rolls!

These will be sure to amaze even the biggest meat eater amongst all of your friends, and the smoky flavor and hint of aromatic herbs will have everyone grabbing for more.

Plus, the use of sweet potato and caramelized red onion means that these are a healthy brunch option too!

7. Blood Orange Tarts

Another great smaller brunch option, these amazing blood orange tarts are gluten and grain free, alongside their vegan blood orange custard, means that these mini tarts are suitable for all of your guests with no concerns! 

Perfect as either a small snack or the complimentary sweet dish after a larger savory dish, you can’t go wrong with these blood orange tarts!

8. Grilled Asparagus And Broad Bean Pesto On Toast

Pesto is a staple brunch ingredient, and is the key ingredient in so many great dishes, that it would be rude not to include some form of pesto on this list.

 This broad bean pesto serves as the perfect spread for a lovely toasted slice of bread, which is then adorned by some grilled asparagus (Also check out Delicious Vegan Asparagus Recipes You Will Love) for that super healthy brunch kick!

Paired alongside a fruity smoothie, this brunch is sure to get you back on your feet. 

9. Matcha Lemon Muffins

A summer spectacular, these matcha lemon muffins are here to bring some color and zest into what is quite often a super lazy day.

Their flavor is matched by their color, and are sure to provide you with a spring in your step after your brunch!

These are perfect as a brunch item, snack, or even a sweet treat later on in the day, so you can easily bake a bunch and store them for a later date!

10. Sweet Potato, Apple And Mushroom Hash

A crazy sounding dish but what is even crazier is how good it tastes!

This vegan hash is an excellent choice for anyone looking to solve their morning hangovers with a nutritional and tasty dish.

This morning hash is a great way of getting some energy in your stomach ahead of a particularly long day, and can be made in large batches too so you can share it with your friends!

11. Vegan Crepes

Crepes are an amazing brunch time dish. They are so versatile in terms of what they can be served with. That is why they’re so popular to see on most brunch menus. 

These vegan crepes mean that you don’t have to worry about the inclusion of any eggs or dairy products in your crepes, so you can enjoy them too!

Serve alongside some dairy free chocolate spread and a variety of fresh fruit for a truly sweet treat in the morning! 

12. Silken Tofu Shakshuka

If you want something different compared to your usual brunch options, then this silken tofu shakshuka is most certainly the way to go.

This provides all the tangy and rich flavors you could want from a brunch. This shakshuka substitutes its usual egg topping for silken tofu in order to make it vegan

An easy one pan meal that can be served with bread, brunch perfection!

13. Almond Butter And Vanilla Bean Granola

This brunch item is soon to become your favorite way of brunching, ever.

Filled with all sorts of wholesome ingredients, including almonds, oats (Check out How To Cook Steel Cut Oats), and even coconut milk, you won’t even consider the thought of making your way to the store to purchase granola ever again!

In fact, we can say with confidence that granola is much more enjoyable. Also it is homemade than it ever could be when you buy it from the store, plus. It’s super easy to make too, so there’s really no excuse.

Whether you decide to add vegan yogurt, almond milk, or even some dairy-free ice cream, the versatility of this homemade granola is a vegan’s dream, and is brilliant for those days when you don’t feel like doing much!

So, if you’re looking for a super healthy brunch meal, and want something that is going to be super convenient, versatile, and most importantly, delicious, then you need to choose this gorgeous, crunchy vegan granola!

14. Cinnamon Sugar And Coffee Cake

This delicious sweet treat is an excellent accompaniment to your weekly brunch menu, and is sure to go down an absolute treat too for its delicious combination of cinnamon, coffee, and sugar, providing you with all the flavor you could ever ask for from a cake at brunch! 

15. Ginger Kombucha Mimosa

Nothing says healthy like a ginger kombucha, and nothing says brunch like a mimosa! If you’re looking to make your brunch fun, then you absolutely have to include some mimosas!

Plus, with the inclusion of ginger kombucha, or as some people are calling it, the “ultimate health elixir” then you can feel a whole lot less guilty about whatever you decide to have for your brunch!

So whether you’re having 1 mimosa or 5, enjoy responsibly and make these ginger kombucha mimosas today! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed having a look through some of the best vegan brunch recipes that you should be trying today, there are plenty of options in this list for all sorts of tastes and palettes, so whether it’s the kale and mushroom quiche, or the silken tofu shakshuka, hopefully you can find something that catches your eye, and you can try it for yourself sometime soon! 

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