How To Cook Brown Rice In An Instant Pot

Making brown rice in an Instant Pot is much easier than you might think!

With the right instructions and tips, you can ensure that your Instant Pot brown rice is perfect every time. In this article, we will give you two methods for cooking brown rice in an Instant Pot.

How To Cook Brown Rice In An Instant Pot

Do You Need To Rinse The Brown Rice First?

Although not washing brown rice is unlikely to make anyone ill, it is still always wise to wash rice before you cook it.

Washing your rice first will remove any dirt, grit, or bugs that have found their way into your bag of rice but this isn’t the only reason for rinsing your rice.

As rice is transported, the individual grains rub against each other and this can cause starch dust to coat the grains.

If this starch isn’t removed, it will gelatinize during the cooking process due to the hot water. This then makes your grains stick together in ways that they shouldn’t. 

To make your brown rice as fluffy and delicious as possible, it is always best to rinse it first.

If you do skip the rinsing step, you might want to add a little bit more water (about a quarter of a cup) to take into account the dryness of your grains.

How To Cook Brown Rice In An Instant Pot

Traditionally, rice is cooked in a rice cooker. These appliances are specifically designed for cooking rice but are pretty rare in American kitchens due to their limited use.

Instant Pots, on the other hand, can serve several different purposes and many include a rice cooking option.

There are a few different ways to cook brown rice in an Instant Pot. Let’s look at two of them. You will notice that neither use the rice setting on an Instant Pot and instead use the high-pressure mode.

Method 1 – Easy And Quick

This is one of the simplest methods for cooking brown rice in an Instant Pot.

Step 1

Put two cups of rice and two and a half cups of liquid into your Instant Pot. You can use water, broth, or chicken stock. Stir the rice and liquid.

Step 2

Seal the Instant Pot and set it to high-pressure mode. Let it cook for 15 minutes. Your valve should be in the sealing position.

Step 3

When the 15 minutes have elapsed, let the Instant Pot release the pressure naturally. All of your water, broth, or chicken stock should have been absorbed.

Step 4

Once the pressure has been released, remove the lid. You should use a fork to fluff the brown rice before serving.

Method 2 – With Light Seasoning

Method 2 - With Light Seasoning

This method takes a little longer and involves a little seasoning.

Step 1

After you’ve rinsed your rice, reuse this water by adding it to the inner steel container in your Instant Pot

Step 2

Put two cups of brown rice into the pot and add two and a half cups of water.

Drop in two teaspoons of olive oil and half a teaspoon of salt. Stir the mixture so the salt and oil are equally distributed.

Step 3

Close the lid. Choose either the manual or pressure cook buttons and set the Instant Pot to high pressure. Cook for 24 minutes. The pressure valve should be in the sealing position.

Step 4

When the cooking time has elapsed, let the pressure in the Instant Pot release naturally. Once it has released, open your pot and fluff the rice using a fork.

How To Store Cooked Brown Rice

Although brown rice tastes delicious when it’s served straight from the Instant Pot, it can also be made ahead and stored.

This can be a great time saver and will allow you to make batches of rice ready for the week ahead.

If you only need to store the rice for a few days, then you can refrigerate it.

Make sure that the rice has completely cooked down and place it in an airtight container. It will be safe in the fridge for up to a week.

It is possible to keep brown rice for even longer than this by putting it in the freezer.

Again, make sure that the rice is completely cool and store it in a container that is not only air-tight but is also freezer safe. Once frozen, you should consume the rice within three months.

Is Brown Rice Healthier Than White Rice?

There are many different varieties of rice available but white and brown are the two most commonly consumed types in America, with white being the most popular.

However, brown rice has many advantages that white rice doesn’t.

White rice is more processed than brown rice as it has had both the bran and germ removed from the grain. Brown rice, however, still contains both of these.

The germ is full of several different vitamins and minerals and the bran is loaded with fiber, making brown rice a healthier option. Due to the way it is processed, white rice isn’t as nutritious as brown rice.

Studies have also shown that when compared to white rice, brown rice can help reduce the risk of heart disease and control blood sugar levels, too.

It’s also richer in antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and prevent chronic diseases.

One disadvantage of brown rice is that it has a higher level of arsenic compared to white rice.

It isn’t present in high enough quantities to damage your health, however, as long as you only eat rice in moderation and have a balanced diet.

In some cultures, rice is eaten daily and can be included in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should avoid eating brown rice multiple times daily for this reason.

Final Thoughts

Cooking brown rice in an Instant Pot is very easy but it’s best cooked on manual or high-pressure modes instead of with the rice cooker mode.

We hope that the instructions and tips in this article will help you cook brown rice in your Instant Pot.

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