Are Donuts Vegan?

Are donuts vegan? It’s a common question, but a surprisingly difficult one to answer. The answer is a yes and no, but it’s not for a lack of trying.

There are dozens of recipes for vegan donuts. Not all of them are suitable for all stages of the vegan process which are being worked on.

Are Donuts Vegan?

This guide will be covering different types of donuts which are ok for vegans to consume and others you need to be wary of.

If you are someone who is new to veganism, this is the type of thing you need to be aware of in the food industry. 

Why Are Traditional Donuts Vegan? 

There are several reasons why vegans are not able to eat traditional donuts. Are down to both the main ingredients and some of the toppings that they come with.

Most traditional donuts have eggs, milk, sugar, butter and flour in their main ingredient list but they are also fried in palm oil which vegans can also not consume. 

Vegan Friendly Shops

There are many new donut shops opening around the US. They are making it possible for vegans to be able to have these sweet delicacies.

More and more vegan shops are becoming more popular because they are getting closer to substituting flavors to make them just like the traditional ones! 

Many people do not like change which is why they are evolving and trying new recipes. They try and make them just as tasty but with vegan friendly ingredients.

If you’re looking to bake them at home, there are also many online recipes. You are able to access which are very easy to follow so you do not have to go out and find these stores. 

Famous Brands

There are famous brands which are specifically known for their production of donuts across the world. In the US there are a few main companies you will definitely know, but do they offer vegan options? 

Krispy Kreme

You will be delighted to know if you are a vegan that Krispy Kreme has created a brand new line of vegan donuts across their brand.

They saw the opening for millions of people who have chosen to become vegan and have filled that gap in the market. 

What are the different flavors? 

    • Caramel chocolate delight 

    • Fudge brownie bliss 

    • Apple crumble 

Even though this is not a huge amount of options, we know now the line is out there. This more will definitely be added to this soon.

However, for many people in the US this is quite devastating because it has only become available for now in the UK and still awaiting approval in the US. 

The reason for this is because they are waiting for the feedback from customers on a smaller level and depending on the responses. They are likely to make it a worldwide phenomenon. 

What About Dunkin Donuts?

What About Dunkin Donuts?

Due to this being the biggest donut producer in the US you would have expected them. This catch onto the new trends and changes in views on vegan food.

However, they have not created any vegan products yet. 

They only have one plain and simple option that you can have as a vegan there which is the bagal without any topping.

Veganism is only growing in popularity because of the values it has. It ultimately means that companies in the future might have to start making vegan options to keep up with the market. 

Are Vegan Donuts Tasty?

It all depends on what you’re a fan of. It is difficult for vegan donuts to have lots of different toppings or any fillings. There are some which can be very tasty.

They have some benefits because they are healthier and do not have as much fat due to the substituted ingredients. They are also much lighter and don’t make you feel full and sick afterwards. 

There are a few popular vegan donut flavors which have been described as being very similar to regular donuts but are much fluffier! For example: 

    • Pumpkin spice donuts 

    • Traditional donuts

    • Lemon poppy seed donuts 

    • Chocolate donuts

You can still have some variety with vegan donuts. They can be similar to the non-vegan options but stores in America just haven’t started producing them yet.

Until then, it is a great idea to try and make them yourself. They do not require too much hard work and a short list of ingredients too! 


Overall, there are not many places that you are able to get donuts from in the US unless you were to visit smaller vegan friendly stores that were set up specifically for vegan food.

However, there are some options in the UK which means it could be moving over to the US depending on how well the trial runs go.

It could be a great idea to get a bit creative and try making your own donuts how you would like them at home and start a trend. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some extra information about vegan donuts in both the UK and US and how they differ.

Even though veganism has come such a long way across the world, donuts are still one of the products which have not been introduced as much into the American market.

As it grows, so will the products but it will take time for the larger companies to make their own recipes and make them part of their brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Doughnuts Vegan?

The good news is that some doughnuts are vegan, but the bad news is that a whole lot of them are not because of the process they must go through.

You also need to look at what is being added to the donuts during this process which goes against what vegans stand for.

You always need to make sure you are checking the process, packaging and ingredients before consuming.

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