Green Chef Review

Today, people are often so busy with their working lives that coming home and having to prepare and cook a full meal is something that requires a lot of effort and is often too much for someone who has worked all day.

Green Chef Review

This is where the healthy meal delivery services come in! These delivery services have become extremely popular all over the country. It help to remove the hassle and stress that comes with having to shop for your groceries, and prepare and cook them too!

One of these meal delivery services is Green Chef, founded in 2014. This delivery service helps to provide you with all of the ingredients needed to cook delicious and healthy meals. It contains with everything pre-portioned to prevent food waste. 

So if you’re considering signing up to Green Chef. Here’s our review on the service, and whether or not you should try it!

What Is Green Chef?

As previously mentioned, Green Chef is a healthy meal delivery service that aims to help people move away from unhealthy. It Makes processed foods, and instead revert back to cooking through the use of pre-portioned ingredients and comprehensive recipe books that make great cooking available to even the most inexperienced of cooks. 

Simply by ordering using this service, you can have fresh vegetables, grains, sauces, seasonings, as well as poultry, fish, and meat delivered to your home. 

These meals are designed to take no more than 30-40 minutes to cook, and with all of your ingredients pre-measured and pre-chopped, then all you have to do is follow the instructions provided in the colorful looking recipes guides, which you select before you order!

Green Chef Meal Plans

Green Chef’s focus is to ensure that everybody is able to benefit from the service they provide. That is why they have six different meal plans for you to choose from, so that you can select the one that suits your dietary needs the best. 

Paleo + Keto

If you follow either a Keto or Paleo diet, it’s often quite a lot of effort to cook and prepare food that is going to be suitable for you. It’s often even harder to find it elsewhere, which means whilst your friends are eating out on a weekly basis, you’re stuck cooking at home to follow your diet.

Well, this option from Green Chef makes cooking a lot easier, and is considered “carb conscious”, with absolutely no grains, soy, legumes, or gluten involved in this meal plan choice.

Previous examples of this plan’s dishes include creamy chicken and zucchini noodles, and pork and kale (Check out How To Massage Kale) smoky salad. 


If you choose to opt for the vegetarian meal plan, Green Chef assures you that you will receive what they considered to be a well balanced meal plan, with recipes that are centered on plant-based products, and with a complete exclusion of meat.

For example, some of the past recipes include truffle and mushroom linguine, and Japanese cabbage and carrot fritters. 


Of course, if you’re vegan, then Green Chef has you covered.

With an extensive focus on plant based protein and a wide variety of vegetables. This option is perfect for those who are looking to exclude all animal products from their diet.

This meal plan also includes some healthy grains used too!

So, with previous dishes like penne and mushroom cream sauce, and bean and pepper stuffed tortillas. It certainly makes for an alluring choice. 

Fast And Fit

Looking for low calorie options that are going to be ready quickly, then this meal plan will certainly appeal to you.

This plan has a wide range of options available, including vegetarian and keto options too. It is centered around providing a meal plan for those who are looking to diet, and improve their fitness.

Some of the meals in this plan have included a chickpea, tomato and kale salad. 


If you’re a fan of Mediterranean dishes, then this meal plan is most certainly going to be the one you choose.

Green Chef has curated a fantastic list of gorgeous dishes that have been inspired by Mediterranean flavors. It like the mushroom, pesto and artichoke (Check out How Long To Steam Artichokes) flatbreads. The Italian barramundi and red pepper gremolata. What’s not to love?


This meal plan is created for those who want/need to avoid any recipes free of soy or gluten.

But this doesn’t make them boring, as these wholesome recipes are still full of flavor.

Previous dishes include lemon, basil and caper pork, and a bacon and shrimp salad!

You also have full control over your meal plans, as Green Chef allows you to customize the number of meals you want, as well as the amount of servings you desire per meal.

You can choose between either 3 to 4 meals a week. you can then decide whether you want the meal to accommodate two, three, four, or even six people. Which makes it great for families!

Who Is Green Chef Aimed At?

Green Chef has a wide demographic, and is especially great for people who want to eat more organic and healthier foods. It perhaps live in a rural area that makes acquiring such food rather hard. 

Also, if you’re a big family, and as parents are often too busy to have the time to prepare healthy meals for your kids. This is a great option to help reduce the amount of processed food your kids are consuming. 

Finally, if you’re new to a certain diet, like being vegan, then knowing what to cook can be hard, and a daunting task That is made much simpler through the use of Green Chef!

Green Chef’s Pricing

The pricing of Green Chef’s service is all dependent on the servings you require per meal. It’s worth noting that the prices don’t change based upon the type of meal you have.

Green Chef Review

If you need a breakdown of how their pricing works, then read onwards. and opt to have 2 servings per meal, with 3 meals delivered per week, that comes to a total cost of $13.49 for each serving.

If you’re having 2 servings per meal, but 4 meals a week, the cost then equates to $12.99 per serving. Choose to have 4 servings per meal, with 2 meals delivered per week, this works out to cost $12.99 per serving.

3 meals per week comes to $12.49, and then 4 meals equates to $11.99 per serving. 

Finally, if you need 6 servings per meal, then having 3 meals delivered per week will equate to $11.99 a week, as well 4 servings per week. 

It’s important to note that on top of this cost for the food, each order will require you to pay a $9.99 shipping fee. It ensures that your produce arrives to you safely and fresh. 

What Makes Green Chef Unique?

As you’re reading this, you’ll probably be trying to understand what makes Green Chef unique. In comparison to the various other fresh delivery services out there. 

Well firstly, Green Chef is a company that is certified organic.

Which means that you can rest assured that all of the produce and ingredients included in each of your deliveries is completely organic. 

In addition to this, Green Chef has multiple meal plans to cater to people with varying dietary needs and restrictions. If you’re gluten intolerant, vegetarian, or on a keto or paleo diet, then Green Chef is going to be able to provide you with suitable and balanced meals with no extra hassle. 

Green Chef is also much more family friendly too. Because other similar services can only offer up to 3 or 4 servings per meal, Green Chef offers up to six servings per meal. That also makes it much better value for money! 

Finally, Green Chef has a focus on environmentalism too. It does by offsetting any of the carbon emissions it produces, as well as ensuring that a lot of its packaging is completely recyclable. 

Comparison To Similar Services

Naturally, Green Chef is going to draw comparisons between itself and many of its competitors in the meal kit delivery industry. Here’s a small comparison of what its advantages and disadvantages are in relation to its competitors. 

Green Chef does have the edge over some of its competitors thanks to its various dietary plan options.

Some delivery services don’t yet provide such a wide range of comprehensive meal plans. It ensures people can stick to their diets without any hassle.

In addition to this, Green Chef uses completely organic ingredients, which not all of its competitors do!

However, Green Chef does lack in some aspects that its competitors excel in.

For example, with Green Chef, you’re unable to pick meals from different plans. If you’ve chosen one, you’re stuck to it, which really limits your flexibility.

On top of that, you can only choose nine recipes a week, where other services offer you a much wider range of options per week.

Finally, whilst Green Chef does use organic ingredients, other organic meal kit delivery services are much more transparents about where they source their ingredients from. 

Green Chef is also slightly more expensive than a lot of its competitors. Considering that Green Chef makes use of organic ingredients only, some may see this as a worthy investment. 

But, that doesn’t mean that Green Chef is going to be suitable for people on a tighter budget. If you do think that Green Chef might be too far out of your budget, then you should perhaps consider some of the other options available to you. 

Customer’s Opinion

Often the biggest determining factor in any sort of purchase. We scoured through what some Green Chef customers were saying about the company and its service. You can get a clear picture of what sort of quality service they provide to their customers. 

As a whole, the company has a very positive reputation, despite this, some customers do note that there have been issues previously. Things such as shipping, subscription mishaps and issues, as well as the rare case of a missing ingredient.

However, none of the negative reviews concern the food or the food’s quality. It’s mainly on the logistics side that there ever any issues, if any at all. 

In addition to this, the company’s customer service are incredibly responsive, with the proof of this being. They changed the previous shipping pricing system, where the shipping cost would vary depending on the size of your order, to the current shipping pricing system you see today, where it is a flat cost of $9.99!

Who Should Try Green Chef?

Whilst we spoke about who Green Chef’s demographic was earlier. It’s also worth mentioning just who else should be considering making the jump to this service!

If you’re short on time, either because of work, or college, and you find yourself eating unhealthy, processed foods for dinner quite often, then Green Chef would help massively with trying to eat healthy again. 

If you’re quite new to cooking for yourself, Green Chef’s recipe books have all the info you need to know on how to make each dish. You have all the ingredients you need provided for you!

Finally, if you’re always scared to try new recipes. This is a great way of introducing new dishes to your table, as the instructions are easy to follow! 


In conclusion, Green Chef is a popular service, and it’s really not hard to see why.

With all organic products and an excellent variety of different meal plans. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re eating healthily!


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