How To Toast Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are a staple in the kitchen as they can provide a delicious nutty flavor to a variety of different dishes. They sprinkled over lots of different foods to add a crunchy texture that provides more flavor to any dish, particularly Asian cuisine. It need to know how to toast sesame seeds?

How To Toast Sesame Seeds

When you are using sesame seeds in a recipe, they may specify that they should be toasted.

As sesame seeds are small, they need to be toasted in the right way. How should you toast them to ensure that they do not burn and lose their flavor?

This article will explain how to effectively toast sesame seeds so that they add more flavor to your meals.

You do not want to burn the sesame seeds as this will waste them. Finding out the best way to toast them properly is important!

How To Toast Sesame Seeds

To begin toasting your sesame seeds, you can choose between two methods, using the oven or using the stove.

It is always best to try both methods to see which one works best for you. You may find that one method does not toast the sesame seeds well for you, but the other method does. 

In The Oven

The first method for toasting sesame seeds is to use the oven. To toast the sesame seeds, preheat the oven and pour the sesame seeds onto a baking tray.

Make sure that they are not clumped together. If they are, not all of the seeds will toast, so you will not get a strong flavor from them on your food. 

Bake the sesame seeds for 5 minutes, but stir in between.

Do not move away from the oven as sesame seeds can burn very quickly. You need to keep watching them to make sure that they are golden brown.

When you can see that they are done, quickly remove them from the oven. Leave them to cool before adding them to your dishes. 

Over The Stove

Another method for toasting sesame seeds is to use the stove. To begin, you will need to pour the sesame seeds into a pan.

Do not add oil and make sure that the pan is completely dry before using it. Once the seeds are in the pan, put them over medium heat and stir them with a wooden spoon. 

Continue to stir and shake the pan until the seeds toast and turn golden brown. Do not leave the pan unattended as this will cause the seeds to burn.

If you do not stir and shake the pan, the seeds will be in contact with heat for too long and burn. Once the seeds are done, remove the pan from the stove. 

Which Method Works Best?

Which Method Works Best?

Below, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of using the oven. The stove so that you can see which method will be best for you. 

Using The Oven

When you are using the oven to toast sesame seeds, the seeds will toast more evenly as they will not be moving around as much.

You will also be able to toast them in large quantities as there will be lots of room on the baking tray, so you can pour on as many sesame seeds as will fit. 

The main disadvantage to toasting sesame seeds using the oven is that you will need to preheat the oven. This can take between 10-15 minutes, which doesn’t make it a quick task to carry out. 

Using The Stove

When you decide to use the stove to toast sesame seeds, it is a very quick method. You can simply pour the sesame seeds into a dry pan and toast them.

It can take up to 3 minutes for the seeds to completely toast, making it very easy to do if you have forgotten to do it and your food is ready. 

The disadvantages of using the stove to toast sesame seeds are that there is more chance that the seeds will toast unevenly and that it is more difficult to toast large quantities.

As you are constantly stirring the seeds in the pan, some seeds will toast more than others, and if there are lots of sesame seeds, some will not toast at all. 

When Can You Use Toasted Sesame Seeds?

If you are looking to use toasted sesame seeds, but are unsure what foods they go with, you have lots of options to choose from!

As they are vegan, you can add sesame seeds to lots of different dishes, which is why you find them on most dishes to provide extra fragrance, flavor, and texture. 

You can sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over sushi to provide more texture and over noodles to bring out the flavors of the sauce and vegetables that have been used.

If you simply fancy a bowl of soy sauce veggies, sprinkling toasted sesame seeds over the top can make the veggies more interesting to eat as they give them some crunch and flavor. 

Tahini is a paste that is made from sesame seeds and it can be used to make hummus.

As hummus has a nutty flavor from the tahini, sprinkling toasted sesame seeds over the top can give the hummus a crunchier texture that can add to the overall flavor, making it more appealing and tastier for people to eat and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is very easy to toast sesame seeds as you can use either a stove or an oven.

When you use the stove, you need to make sure that the pan is dry and that you keep stirring the sesame seeds until they are toasted.

In the oven, you need to flatten the seeds on a baking tray and keep watching them until they are toasted.

Sesame seeds can go from toasted to burnt very quickly, so it is important to watch them at all times.

It is up to you which method you choose to toast them, so you should practice both to see which one works best for you! 

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