Mindful Chef Review

For people who are trying to spend less time queuing in grocery stores. They want the convenience of having their products delivered to their own homes. They want delivery recipe boxes are the ultimate solution. However, with so many different options available when it comes to this sort of service. It does make you wonder just which one is going to be best suited for you and your needs! In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Mindful Chef recipe box delivery service. We’ll take a close look at the recipes and options available to you, the cooking process, and just how good the food tastes. 

Mindful Chef Review

If you’ve thought about making the jump to using a recipe box delivery service, then read on to see if Mindful Chef is going to be suitable for you! 

What Is Mindful Chef?

Mindful Chef is a recipe box delivery service based out of the UK. Their aim is to try to get people to cook and eat healthier through the use of fresh and organic ingredients. This is also done by trying to cut out as much processed food as possible. This recipe box is also geared towards trying to combat excess food waste too! 

Mindful Chef is designed for those who often find themselves too busy to cook healthy and hearty meals. With these pre-portioned packages, it makes it much easier to produce some delicious tasting food. 

As a company, Mindful Chef is a B-Corp certified business.

This means that it meets the standards required for its impact on the community, the environment, its workers, and of course, its customers.

Mindful Chef Report

Mindful Chef also produces an annual report on its sustainability too. If you’re someone who is also trying to be more mindful about your environmental impact, then Mindful Chef might just be the recipe box delivery service for you!

Currently, Mindful Chef is carbon neutral, and has set itself the goal to reach net zero by 2030. Considering that food production makes up a rather large portion of the greenhouse gases emitted globally, that’s a big commitment. 

Mindful Chef also donates a school meal to a child in poverty for every meal they sell. it’s always nice to support a company that has a charitable nature!

Overall then, Mindful Chef is definitely a company to be supported for those who want to try and make a conscious effort.  It can be reduce their carbon footprint and encourage a widespread change when it comes to environmental issues. Plus, they’re also an extremely charitable company, which makes supporting them even better. 

How Mindful Chef Works

Mindful Chef’s ordering process is really easy, which is perhaps why it’s becoming so popular. 

All you have to do is log on to the website (or create an account, if you haven’t already). You can instantly begin browsing through the many, many different recipes and meals available to you for you to decide what you’d like to eat! 

You can choose up to 16 recipes depending on how many you want to cook. These all change weekly, so you should never get bored of what they have to offer! 

Another great feature of Mindful Chef is the ability to order ahead. You can order ahead for an entire month if you feel like you’re not going to have much time to do it again in the future. This is particularly convenient for those who work long hours!

You’ll also be glad to know that there is a range of options available for people with dietary restrictions too. whether you’re pescatarian, flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan, there’s no need to worry about having to find recipes that are going to suit your needs. 

What’s Inside The Box?

Receiving your Mindful Chef box is as easy as selecting the meals you want to eat, with delivery available 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter when you order, you can be sure it’s going to arrive in time before the cupboards go bare!

The box and packaging are all composed of recyclable materials too. It helps to further convey just how committed Mindful Chef are to being a sustainable company. 

Upon opening the box, you’ll find yourself presented with the super informative, and rather bright, recipe book. It has all the information you’ll need to prepare the recipes you’ve selected. 

Alongside this recipe book, will of course be your pre-portioned ingredients and your fresh meat and fish, if you opted to include them.

This meat is fresh, and the fish even comes with an indication as to where it was sourced from, which gives the more eco-conscious person peace of mind!

Mindful Chef also offers frozen meals that have been pre-prepared by a professional chef. This is excellent if you feel like you’re not going to use the fresh ingredients in time. They also offer smoothies too if you’re someone who enjoys them.

So once you’ve unpacked all of the ingredients and recipe books, it’s time for you to get cooking!

The Cooking Experience

For people who have previously been cooking themselves, and are looking to make the switch to using Mindful Chef. It can be quite daunting, especially if you’re someone who particularly enjoys the process of cooking.

However, there’s no need to worry, because, despite a lot of the ingredients being pre-portioned, there is still a bit of chopping to do! 

Cooking with Mindful Chef is great if you’re someone who is often quite intimidated by the premise of cooking something new. Especially if the kitchen is somewhat of a stressful space for you.

So whether you’re attempting to make Nori Rolls or Jerk Chicken, the recipe book will provide you with all of the instructions you need to help emulate the recipes. 

Types of Cooking Experience:

So despite Mindful Chef doing a lot of the work for you, the cooking experience using this delivery box service can still be pretty engaging. If you’re a fairly new or novice cook, Mindful Chef’s recipe boxes will have you feeling like a professional in no time at all!

Each one of the dishes that Mindful Chef has to offer is packed full of fresh ingredients and herbs and spices. It also reminds you just how amazing cooking with completely fresh and healthy ingredients can be. Especially if you’ve been relying on processed food to keep up with your busy schedule for so long.

Mindful Chef Review

Mindful Chef has food for every occasion, so whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast. Then you can make use of their super delicious breakfast boxes, or some of their frozen smoothie recipes. 

There’s also no need to worry about portion sizes either, as each portion is generous. It means that you’ll be left satisfied and happy after each meal, without feeling too full, bloated, or sluggish. It comes to the avoidance of any dairy, refined carbohydrates, gluten, preservatives, or nasty filling ingredients! 

So if you’re thinking about signing up for Mindful Chef as a way of shifting away from eating processed foods. To just generally eating much cleaner and healthier than you currently do, then we’d say it’s definitely worth looking into.

Cost And Subscription Plans

Often the problem with these types of services is that they turn out to be incredibly expensive, with nasty contracts or commitments that mean that once you’ve signed up for them. You have to spend months or even a year with them before you’re able to cancel your contract. There is often no option to pause your subscription either!

Mindful Chef doesn’t actually operate using a subscription plan and instead runs on a no-commitment guarantee. If you’re not a fan of what they’re offering, even if you’ve ordered a few boxes, then you can stop at any time.

Thankfully, Mindful Chef’s ordering service is made super simple. There are no contracts or commitments. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with ordering their recipe boxes each month if it turns out it doesn’t work for you!

Mindful Chef Recipes:

In addition to this, there is the option to cancel or pause your Mindful Chef orders at any time. You find yourself away from home for long periods of time due to work commitments or travelling. You don’t have to panic that all that fresh food is going to waste, and neither is your money. 

Mindful Chef has made choosing which recipe box you want super easy. It contains various different sizes on offer to be ordered.

Size of Mindful Chef Recipes:

Each of these boxes contains differing amounts of food which is designed to help you feed everyone in the home.

To start with, there are 1-person recipe boxes, which are perfect for someone who lives by themselves and often finds they have a lot of excess food waste. 

2-person recipe boxes are the perfect size for the average couple who are both busy with their work schedules. It mean they can’t find enough time to prepare and cook healthy and delicious meals. If you’re struggling to cook great meals for yourself and your partner, then this is a great option.

The final option is the family-sized recipe box. It is designed to help a family with 2 adults and 2-3 children, depending on the size portions they eat.

This box is excellent for families with super busy parents who want to ensure that their kids are eating healthy fresh food. It can opposed to eating a tonne of processed food, or relying on takeout meals on a weekly basis. 

In terms of pricing, the 1-person recipe box starts off at £8 per person. The 2-person recipe box starts at £5.50 per person. The family box’s pricing starts at £5 per portion.

We consider this price to be very reasonable, especially as you have quality assurance. It comes to the ingredients used in each dish. The knowledge that your meals are healthy and nutritious, as well as being free of any processed foods. 

Delivery Options

As we mentioned previously, Mindful Chef is centered around convenience. That is why these delightful recipe boxes are delivered 7 days a week . It ensure that you can get your meals as soon as you need them. 

When it comes to choosing how often you want your Mindful Chef order to be delivered, you’re presented with a few different options.

Firstly, you can have your recipe box delivered on a weekly basis. It delivered every 3 or 4 weeks. 

It’s worth noting that there is no next day delivery option if you plan on ordering a fresh recipe box. This is where you can make use of the Ready To Go frozen boxes. It can be with you within 24 hours if you order by 7 PM the day before. 

Your delivery options are completely customizable thanks to the super convenient Mindful Chef app. You can edit and change how often you order, where and whenever you want to!

However, there is one problem with Mindful Chef’s delivery options that is worth mentioning. As a UK based company, they currently only operate on a nationwide basis.

Meaning, that if you’re based in the U.S, then you’re unfortunately unable to access this service. They have stated that they have plans to look into how they can begin to offer this sort of service across the U.S too!


To conclude, we’d say that Mindful Chef gets our full approval when it comes to ordering in fresh and delicious recipe boxes. It is for you to enjoy with very little time spent planning and prepping your ingredients. 

So, if you’re in the UK and are able to access this service, we fully recommend it, and we’re sure that we’ll be seeing a U.S service established soon!

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