Is Ketchup Vegan?

Is ketchup vegan? Yes, it is. We all know that ketchup is made of tomatoes, but did you know it is also vegan? This guide will help you understand why ketchup is vegan.

Is Ketchup Vegan?

There are specific brands which have stated that their ketchup is 100% vegan friendly like Heinz but others have not because of the way they refine their sugar.

There are also many vegan based brands which now exist across the world that you can purchase your ketchup from. 

Ketchup is the most popular condiment in the world and especially in the US. Due to the huge spike of increased veganism in America, many more of these brands have appeared.

How Is Ketchup Made? 

The main ingredient in ketchup is tomatoes which is a vegan friendly ingredient on its own.

There are other ingredients which are mixed with the tomatoes to create the sauce itself such as: vinegar, sugar, and seasoning. 

There used to be much more added to the recipe in the past. It used to consist of: egg whites, mushrooms, oysters, grapes, mussels, walnuts, among other ingredients but it is not very common anymore. 

The seasoning that is added is also plant based including herbs and spices such as: coriander, mustard and garlic. 

The Process Of Making Tomato Sauce 

Most brands of tomato sauce do tend to be vegan friendly. We can not speak for every single one due to the issue of the sugar being refined by bone char.

The main ingredient is the tomatoes which need to be of good quality. It make sure the base of the recipe is the best.

Any type of change to the recipe or quality of the ingredient. That will also change the flavor of the ketchup which is not suitable for worldwide distribution. 

Any type of bacteria is destroyed and washed away through the process of mechanically cleaning the tomatoes.

The seeds, skin and stems are also separated from the tomatoes during this process. This is where the juice is taken from the fruit and is ready to be combined with the other ingredients. 

The rest of the process goes through cooking tanks where they are boiled with any sweeteners, vinegar, sugar, salt and spices are added and combined.

For every bit of ketchup, the temperature is always regulated to make sure that the ingredients are absorbed properly.

Is Ketchup Vegan Usually?

Is Ketchup Usually Vegan?

Areas in the US that sell larger brands of ketchup will sometimes include sugars that have been refined through animal ingredients which tends to be the main problem.

However, there are so many brands out there now which have an organic sugar option which does not hinder the taste at all. 

Vegans also have to look at the more natural flavors. It can be under fire in the ingredients that do not have a known source.

People nowadays want to know exactly what they are eating. How it was made because of their values for veganism?

Natural flavors 

Many people get quite confused when natural flavors are seen as an issue for vegans but it is because the source of these flavors can sometimes be from animals.

It can also be from the oils they use from animals. That are harder to detect in these products. 

It can be more difficult to detect them. Because they are not allergens like dairy products which have to be disclosed to the public.

However, companies do not need to disclose this information to anyone if they do not wish to. 

No Added Sugar Option 

There are also options for ketchup with no added sugar from many brands. They have become increasingly more popular for many people and not just vegans.

Instead of adding sugar refined by bone char, Heinz decided to substitute that for sucralose. It does not come from any natural source and is completely vegan friendly. 

This is a very trusted brand because they can clearly state on their bottle. They are vegan friendly and disclose what they use.  

Organic Options 

There is a huge problem in society where the more organic options for products are far more expensive that the more regular brands you see in the larger stores. 

There is nothing artificial about these types of ketchup brands. It is much healthier for you to consume as well.

However, people are just not willing to fork out the extra money for them when brands such as Heinz are willing to have a cheaper brand and also make them Vegan friendly!

Frequently Asked Question

Are Vegans Allowed To Eat Ketchup?

Yes, vegans are definitely allowed to eat ketchup as long as they have checked to see whether it has any types of ingredients which would compromise their values against consuming anything from animal sources.

You need to keep an eye out for the sugar process in particular and try to go for artificial options with no added sugar or the organic options which are far better for you. 


Overall, there are definitely a few options for vegans to have ketchup in their homes but you do not need to be careful if you are new to veganism or brands which are still using refined sugars in their products.

Try to go for the organic brands or ones which state they are vegan friendly because then you know for sure.

You can also go for the non-added sugar ones if you aren’t too worried about the artificial elements. 

Hopefully this guide will help you become more aware about how the ketchup industry is changing to become more vegan friendly but is not completely at that stage yet.

However, there are definitely options for vegan to have which is great because the majority of people will always have some ketchup in their home because it goes with basically anything and is loved all around the world.

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