Does Ranch Have Dairy?

Ranch is a condiment that is used to compliment so many different dishes. It is no wonder that is such a popular condiment. but most important question is that does ranch have dairy?

Does Ranch Have Dairy?

You’re a big fan of ranch dressing. If you have recently become vegan, or are thinking about going vegan. There are probably a few questions for you to ask about what sort of ingredients are in some of your favorite dressings, including ranch!

So, if you’re wondering whether or not your favorite ranch dressing contains any dairy products in it. Read through this guide to see if your favorite condiment contains any dairy. Whether or not you’ll need to find a dairy-free replacement!

What Is Ranch Dressing?

Ranch dressing is a popular condiment across much of the U.S. It is often used to top salads and other similar dishes, and it consists of a buttermilk base, with the inclusion of various herbs and seasonings that give it a truly unique flavor. 

In terms of its taste, ranch is known for its tangy nature. It combines well with the super creamy texture, something that stems from its use of eggs, buttermilk, and the oil that is added to the dressing. 

So whether you’re using it as a salad dressing, as a dip for chips (Also check out Are Doritos Vegan?) or crackers, or even as a marinade. It’s important to know what it contains if you’re a vegan. It is the likelihood is that it might contain some products that you’ll want to avoid eating!

What Is Dairy?

Dairy is an umbrella term, and is used to describe any sort of product that comes from the produce of an animal. This can include things such as cheese, cream, butter, and yogurt. 

Dairy can be used for any form of animal product. It is most commonly used in reference to products that stem from cow’s milk.

So although sheep’s milk or cheese made using sheep’s milk is technically a dairy product. This is not how it’s referred to in the U.S. 

What Does Ranch Contain?

What Does Ranch Contain?

Your typical ranch dressing contains buttermilk, garlic, onion, mustard, pepper, salt, and some other spices.

You’ll usually find that ranch dressing is either made with a base of mayonnaise, sour cream, or yogurt. 

Does Ranch have Dairy finally?

Unfortunately if you’re going vegan and a big fan of ranch dressing, then you’re going to have to give up the ranch!

This is because ranch dressing will often contain buttermilk, which is a form of fermented milk.

This is where the tangy flavor that ranch is so well known for initially comes from. Whether you buy a store bought ranch, or make your own at home, this is a necessary ingredient. 

So, as an easy answer, yes, ranch does in fact contain dairy. 

there is still hope, as there are a number of condiment dressings and dips available that are actually dairy free!

However, there are a few problems with these condiment dressings that contain no dairy. 

The first of which, is that they’re much less common than your usual ranch dressing. It means that finding them in your local store is going to be a bit of a hassle!

Another problem with dairy free ranch is the cost. Because the alternatives to dairy cost much more to produce. It means that the price of the ranch dressing is raised to accommodate this. You should take this into consideration before using too much dairy free ranch dressing at once! 

How Can I Tell If Ranch Is Dairy Free?

It can sometimes be hard to figure out whether or not the ranch you’ve found in the store is dairy free or not.

So rather than waste minutes of your time searching through the ingredients list. Here’s a simple way in which you can tell whether or not your ranch is dairy free!

You see that the ranch “contains milk” then you’re going to have to put it back, as this means it contains dairy. You should also look to see if you can find “buttermilk” listed on the ingredients list, as this is fermented cow’s milk, which is also dairy. 

Instead of looking through the ingredients list, if you think a ranch dressing is dairy free. Try to look for labels such as “dairy-free” or “vegan” as this will be a clear indication that the bottle of condiment dressing is in fact, free of any dairy products!

If you’re struggling to find any ranch dressing that is dairy free, then you shouldn’t give up. Instead, why not try making your own ranch dressing at home!

This will mean that you get to enjoy the freshest ranch dressing you can get, without having to spend ages searching through the ingredients list to find out whether or not that particular bottle of condiment is dairy free or not!

What Brands Of Ranch Dressing Contain Dairy?

Trying to figure out which brands of ranch dressing contain dairy can be hard, so we’ve compiled a list of all of the biggest ranch dressing brands that contain dairy, so you know which ones to avoid!

Bolthouse Farms, Great Value, Hidden Valley, Ken’s Steak House, Kraft, Litehouse, Marie’s Ranch, and Wish-Bone all have dairy in their ranch dressings, so are ones you should stay away from if you’re trying to be dairy-free. 

It is worth noting though that Hidden Valley do actually offer a dairy-free ranch dressing. They call “plant-powered”, so it’s worth looking out for that!

Other options include Foods Alive, Plant Perfect, and Trader Joe’s, just to name a few!


In conclusion, most ranch dressings out there contain some form of dairy, so it can make enjoying a nice salad slightly difficult for those looking to avoid dairy!

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