Noochy Licious Review

If you’ve never heard of nooch then we are here to enlighten you on its meaning and its origin. Nooch is the nickname given to nutritional yeast. You can see why they shortened it, it’s a bit of a mouthful.

Noochy Licious Review

So there happens to be quite a few variations of nutritional yeast on the market today and then there’s Noochy Licious.

So we’re going to give you a Noochy Licious review, and you can then make up your own mind about them and which you may prefer. 

With this product the whole game changed, this was something new and exciting and tasty. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Noochy Licious?

Noochy Licious is a type of nutritional yeast made by Gloriously Vegan.

It is a kind of nutritional yeast and derived from a single-celled organism, saccharomyces cerevisiae.  

It is described as a plant based superfood ingredient used to create a range of cheesy dishes and recipes. 

Noochy Licious is one of the most recent additions to the whole nooch vegan trend.

However it is different from some other types of nutritional yeast in that Noochy Licious is not fortified with vitamins. 

However it is dairy, soy and gluten free, non-GMO, low in sodium and fat.

Noochy Licious is also made entirely in the USA and is kosher friendly. 

The company has faith in their product as they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like the taste or anything else about this nooch you can return it to the manufacturer. 

What Is Nutritional Yeast?

First we need to look at what nutritional yeast even is. This food product is derived from deactivated yeast which itself comes from molasses or more specifically the glucose from beet molasses or sugarcane. 

The yeast is cultured for several days and when it is ready it is deactivated by using heat.

Then the yeast is harvested and washed. Following this it’s dried and packaged. 

Nutritional yeast is ‘dead’ so has no leavening properties, unlike the kind of yeast that you would use in baking which is ‘live’.

It is a whole cell yeast that is inactive and contains soluble and insoluble parts, it is different from yeast extract. 

Nutritional yeast is available in both powdered form and as flakes.

If you are using the powdered form you will only need half the amount that you would with the flakes. 

How Does It Work?

Nutritional yeast is used to replace cheese in a variety of recipes and dishes for vegans who do not eat dairy products.

It’s also used by those who are lactose intolerant, wanting to lower cholesterol or their blood pressure. 

The dried flakes or powder of nutritional yeast is designed to be added to foods during cooking to provide a cheese flavor in place of actual cheese.

But a lot of the nutritional yeasts on the market are loaded with unhealthy ingredients to make them taste good.

This is because most of the nutritional yeast on the market is fortified with artificial vitamins and additives much like some cereals are fortified.

The most commonly added to nutritional yeast are B vitamins particularly B12. 

However, Noochy Licious is an unfortified and completely natural nutritional yeast with no artificially added supplements.  

Health Benefits Of Noochy Licious

If you thought all that Noochy Licious was good for was swapping out your mac and cheese cheddar then think again.

Noochy Licious Review

Yes it will give your cheese dishes that delicious flavor, but it also has a range of health benefits that you may not have considered. 

Noochy Licious does naturally have vitamins such as Vitamin B6, and contains folate, thiamine, and riboflavin.

However, be aware that it does not contain B12 which a lot of other nutritional yeasts contain. 

The upside is that the addition of these artificial B12 supplements creates a slight bitter aftertaste in those nutritional yeasts.

Noochy Licious does not have this aftertaste and instead has a mild, nutty flavor. 

Yeast can’t produce B12 and so it has to be added to the nutritional yeast as a supplement during production. 

Source Of Protein

As well as being a flavor substitute Noochy Licious is also a great source of protein.

With 4.5 grams of complete protein in every tablespoon of this nutritional yeast an ounce would be equivalent to eating two steaks. Or three and a half eggs. 

That’s a lot of protein. And of course we all know how incredibly important protein is in our diet.

It is vital for building muscle and our overall vitality. Protein is equally important for the health of our skin, hair and eyes. 

As well as adding to your health using Noochy Licious will also help in diet control as the protein makes you feel fuller for longer, it accelerates fat loss and helps with muscle gain after workouts (You might also want to check out these Amazing Vegan Pre-Workout for you). 

This is one of the reasons why protein powders became so popular for weight control and muscle growth.

But now you have all that protein in your mac and cheese! 

For vegans Noomy Licious is probably the best source of protein as it has more than 48% protein by mass.

Regulating Cholesterol Levels

If the fact that Noochy Licious has more protein per pound than beef wasn’t enough to convince you of the health benefits of this nutritional yeast then perhaps its effect on cholesterol will. 

The beta glucans found in Noochy Licious help the body to lower and regulate blood cholesterol levels. And this is not an unsubstantiated claim. 

In studies, it was found that men who had been diagnosed with high cholesterol reduced their levels by 6% after eating 15 grams of yeast derived beta glucans every day for eight weeks. 

As amazing as this is, it is not the only effect that Noochy Licious has on cholesterol levels.

Unlike cheese which is packed with unhealthy saturated fats this nutritional yeast has almost no saturated fats.

For instance a 28g slice of cheese has almost 6 grams of saturated fat.

A similar amount of Noochy Licious has only 0.1 gram which is barely a trace amount. 

So even if you’re not vegan or lactose intolerant but do want to manage or reduce your cholesterol levels this may be the super food ingredient you are looking for. 

Digestive Health

So far Noochy Licious has been proving itself a very positive food for overall health and well being.

But it’s not done yet. This nutritional yeast is also very beneficial for your gut and digestive system’s health. 

There are 2 grams of dietary fiber in each tablespoon of Noochy Licious.

Amongst the many superfoods this makes it the most fiber dense available. 

It is more fiber dense than any vegetables, pulses, lentils (Check out How To Cook Red Lentils) or beans.

In fact Noochy Licious  has more than double the amount of fiber than the same quantity of lentils which are famous for being an excellent source of fiber. 

There are so many reasons why digestive health is important.

For example, to avoid constipation, controlling blood sugar and maintaining a healthy weight. 

High levels of dietary fiber are linked to reduced cases of colon cancer which is one of the top three leading causes of death in the world. 

Supporting Your Immune System

There are several elements contained in Noochy Licious which have been found in studies to support the body’s immune system. 

Polysaccharides for example have been shown to block harmful bacteria from entering through the gut wall in animal studies. 

The beta glucans in Noochy Licious may reduce the risk of getting ill during cold season.

This follows a study where beta glucan supplements were given to children who then showed decreased incidences of illness during this time of year. 

A similar study was done with marathon runners who were given beta glucans.

Those who typically became ill under the stress of training and running showed decreased levels of infections after taking the supplements.

Noochy Licious Review

Other Health Benefits

Noochy Licious is rammed full of antioxidants such as selenomethionine and glutathione.

They help in the fight against free radical oxidants which can lead to cancer and other chronic diseases. 

These antioxidants present in Noochy Licious help your body to eliminate toxins and protect your cells from damage. 

We’ve talked about the amazing amount of protein in Noochy Licious, but it is also jam packed with vitamins and minerals. 

Vitamin B6, folate, thiamine, riboflavin are all really important for health and wellbeing particularly for pregnant women.

They work to support cell metabolism and are equally important for non-pregnant women, men and children. 

Cons Of Noochy Licious

Of course with all of these fantastic benefits and advantages of Noochy Licious you may be wondering whether there are any downsides to it. Well there are a couple. 

First of all, this is not a cheap product and unless you catch a deal then you are likely to be paying just under $40 for a pound of Noochy Licious. 

This is more expensive than the other nutritional yeasts that you can buy in bulk from health food stores. 

While this may not seem excessive considering it is such a premium product the fact is it is so good you will be using a lot of it.

That means you will need to order quite a lot unless you decide to ration it and only use it on special occasions. 

Unlike most nutritional yeast that you can buy quite readily, Noochy Licious is not fortified with any vitamins.

Most other brands and makes have B12 artificially added. 

So if you prefer the taste of this nooch you will need to remember to top your B12 from another source. 

Using Nutritional Yeast

If you are vegan or want to avoid cheese for any other reason you may want to try nutritional yeast.

But how exactly does it work, and how do you use Noochy Licious? 

According to the recipe you are using you can add this nutritional yeast to the dry ingredients, stir it into a sauce or sprinkle over your food.

 It can basically be added to any food to add flavor just like you would with salt. 

While there are definite health benefits to using Noochy Licious most people do use it for the cheese like flavor that it adds to their food.

What Can You Add Noochy Licious To?

When you buy your bag of Noochy Licious you will also have the opportunity to buy a couple of their recipe books too. 

These will show you all the amazing recipes and dishes that you can create with this non-fortified nutritional yeast.

Incidentally, these are not restricted to vegans and can be used by anyone who wants a healthier alternative to cheese. 

One of the easiest recipes you can use Noochy Licious for is a cheese sauce.

It takes almost no time at all to create a sauce from the yeast flakes as it blends so smoothly and easily. 

The cheese sauce can be used for tacos, quesadillas, or a very tasty mac and cheese.

Other recipes include a blue cheese dip for cauliflower buffalo wings, creamy mushroom stroganoff and butter tofu with rice. 

You can add Noochy Licious to soups and stews to add richness and a depth of flavor.

If you want to make a vegan Parmesan cheese you can add nooch to a blender with some raw almonds. 

What is the best Noochy Licious?

It is difficult for me to determine which brand of nutritional yeast is the best as personal preferences and needs can vary. Some people may prefer a brand with a strong, savory flavor, while others may prefer a milder taste. Additionally, some people may be more concerned with the nutrient content or price of the product, while others may be more concerned with the texture or packaging. It is a good idea to try a few different brands and see which one you prefer. You can also read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or healthcare providers to find a nutritional yeast that meets your needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

There are many nutritional yeasts on the market, but there is only one Noochy Licious.

This is a completely natural and unmodified nutritional yeast. 

For many the lack of B12 means they will have to source this vitamin elsewhere if following a vegan diet. 

But the pros of Noochy Licious outweigh the cons and taking a B12 supplement in another form shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. 

This product has a lot of benefits. It is a versatile and healthy alternative to cheese that can be used by vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Whether you choose to use it for health, moral or purely for taste reasons we hope this guide has helped you decide.

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